Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/5 Meeting Notes

Hey APO!

Remember that our end of the semester meeting (CAPS) will be held on Sunday, 10:00-12:00pm @ Waterman 338. Please try to attend & please email and tell Sydney or Annice if you cannot attend.

  • Birthdays: Jordan (Dec. 6th) and Maggie H. (Dec. 5th)
  • All Week- Pledge Service: Make "Happy Holiday" cards for service members. Blank cards can be found in the APO office in the SGA club space (I'll be there tomorrow morning if anyone wants to do it then). Please address to "Dear Service Member" & say it's from "UVM APO" or "UVM" (no full names please)
  • Naked Bike Ride!
  • Tuesday & Friday, anytime between 10:00am-4:00pm- Donation Sorting for the HowardCenter @ 38 Eastwood Ave, South Burlington on First Floor
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00-8:30pm- Phone-a-thon at Planned Parenthood in Williston on 183 Talcott Rd, Suite 101
  • Gift Wrapping @ Barnes & Noble on Dorset Street: New Days and Times for next week: Sunday (12/12) from 1:00-3:00pm; 3:00-5:00pm; 5:00pm-8:00pm; Monday (12/13) from 11:00am-1:00pm; 1:00-3:00pm; 3:00-5:00pm; Tuesday (12/14) from 3:00-5:00pm
  • Thursday, 2:00-4:00pm- Mcauley Games w/ Seniors @ Mcauley Square Senior Housing on Mansfield Ave.
  • Ugly Sweater Party @ CAPS on Sunday. Wear the ugliest sweater you can find & win a prize!
  • Conclave chairs please get your info to Annice & Heika by CAPS
  • Voted and accepted bylaw changes & proposed advisor expectations
Election Results:
President- Meagan
MVP- Sarah G.
SVP- Claire
FVP- Amira
Pledgemaster- Julia
Secretary- Amber

Fundraising chair- Sydney
Events chair- Alison M.
Historian- Hannah P.
Webmaster- Jordan
Alumni/Advisor chair- Ariel


Monday, November 15, 2010

11/14 Meeting

Hey APO!

Note- This is a long post, but PLEASE pay special attention to the following list:
  1. Amira has planned an event for Dec. 3rd. after initiation. Please read about it below and RSVP as soon as possible so that she can get a head count.
  2. There have been a couple more services added to this week, so please look below to see if there is a time that you could do. Remember that the end of the semester is coming up soon, so try to do a service this week if you are still in need of hours.
  3. Please update your service hours to Google Docs, if you have not done so in a while. Meagan would like to see everyone's updated hours!
  4. For brothers & pledges that were not at Sunday's meeting, look below to see if you have been nominated for a position. Anyone that has been nominated for a position MUST be present at the Dec. 5th meeting to be elected, unless you have spoken to Annice with a legit excuse (homework doesn't count)
  • Brother of the week: Alison M.
  • If you are ordering clothing from somethinggreek.com you must give Sydney your money by Tuesday (tomorrow) @ 1:00pm- she will be in the club space at that time or you may put $ in an envelope w/ Sydney's name on it in the filing cabinet in the office
  • Pledge of the week: Maggie Hennesey
  • Pledge Fellowship: Capture the flag- Thurs, Nov. 18th, 5:30pm @ Field Hockey Field
  • Pledge Fundraiser: Bake Sale- Wed, Dec. 1st 9am-3pm @ Outside the library. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A TIME TO TABLE AND/OR BRING FOOD/COLD WEATHER GOODIES
  • Pledge Service: TBA
  • Initiation: Friday Dec. 3rd 7:30
    Sugar Maple Ball Room in the Davis Center
    Brothers please get there by 7:15
    Pledges please get there BY 7 (you will be taking your final at this point so please be on time)
    Everyone please dress nicely and wear your pins (pledges you will be trading in your pledge pins for service pins)
  • Tues. Nov. 4-7pm Community Potluck Celebrating Cultures w/ NeighborKeepers @ O'Brien Community Center in Winooski. Help set up/take down/or bring a food dish. Share a meal with neighbors from many diverse cultures! Please contact Amber ASAP if you need a ride tomorrow. We will be leaving from the DC oval at 4:00
  • Thurs. 2-4pm Help an elderly woman set up her wireless for her laptop! @ Mcauley Square Senior Housing on Mansfield Ave.
  • Wed. 2pm @ Burlington Children's Space to spread some mulch on the new playground
  • Flexible Dates and Times: Thrift Shop helping newly settled immigrant families @ Possibility Shop at the First Congregational Church: 38 South Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT (next to the Ronald McDonald House and across from Rite Aid) Hours the shop is open: Wed. and Fri: 10-3; Sat: 10-1; Mon. the shop is open for a workday only--sorting, pricing and straightening, 9:30-12; Working for an hour or two or three to suit your schedule would be helpful for as long as you are available. For more information call Joan Lauber at 985-3226 or Hannah Paul at 802-982-3288
  • ONGOING: Burlington Children's Space
  • ONGOING: Thurs. 2-4pm Mcauley Games w/ Seniors @ Mcauley Square Senior Housing on Mansfield Ave.
  • Tuesday, 7-9pm Library Study Night @ the library near the cyber cafe
  • Please contact Annice if you have questions/concerns about the proposed changes to the bylaws. The bylaws can be found on the Lynx.
  • Keep Dec. 3rd in mind for a bake sale fundraiser @ the DC
  • Look for an email with important updates over break
  • On Friday Dec 3, right after initiation, we will have our last event of the semester off campus at someone's house. It was going to be a potluck dinner party, but because of the evening timing it will be dessert! There is a very fun theme that people are already excited about... Murder Mystery! It is something that will get EVERYONE mingling :) I hope you all are excited to come and don't make other plans that night. Please RSVP to Amira (asoliman@uvm.edu) as soon as possible, whether you know if you can bring a dish or not let her know if you will be there as soon as you can so she knows how many people to prepare for. There will be more details to come later on by email over break, assuming people are able to RSVP before that. You can let her know later on if you can bring a dessert!
President: Annice, Meagan
SVP: Claire, Sydney
MVP: Sarah, Kelly, Amber, Danielle, Lisa
FVP: Amira, Katie M., Maggie H., Sarah S., Lisa
Pledgemaster: Sarah G., Julia, Maggie S., Erica, Kelly S., Em, Meagan, Amira, (Hannah P.)
Secretary: Amber, Julia, Em, (Hannah W.), (Chelsea)

Fundraising: Sydney, Sarah S.
Events: Lisa, Sarah G., (Alyssa C-S), (Alyssa K.)
Historian: Kelly, Em, (Ryan), (Alison T.)
Webmaster: Pete, Jordan, Alison T.
Alumni/Advisor Chair: Sydney, Sarah G. Katy T.
Conclave Chair: Heika, Sydney, Annice, Kelly

*People's names who were not at the meeting are in parentheses


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey APO!

Sorry- I just realized that the blog never updated from last week's notes.

Please Note:
McCauley Games w/ Seniors WILL be held this week

Random Fact: Dr. Seuss invented the word "nerd"
Meeting Guests: Dustin (our advisor) & Colin the awesome CVAA Americorps volunteer (we are working with him at McCauley playing games with seniors)

  • Birthdays: Claire & Tony (Sunday, the 7th), Rebecca (Thursday, the 11th)
  • Brother of the week: Hannah
  • Pledge of the week: Alyssa
  • Pledge Fellowship: Capture the flag- Thurs, Nov. 18th @ Field Hockey Field (Time TBA)
  • Pledge Fundraiser: Bake Sale TBD
  • Initiation Fri. Dec. 3rd @ 7:30
  • McCauley WILL be held this week
  • National service week: Campus clean up Wed. Nov. 10th & Fri. the 12th @ 2:00-3:00. Meet at the APO club space.
  • Sunday, Nov. 14th 9:00am-9:00pm @ L&L- Empty Bowls: People needed for donation pick up, fire place lounge set up, soup prep. Must sign up at uvm.edu/11center/emptybowls/signup10.html
  • Burlington Children's Space
  • Amira's event Bigs/Littles Race @ 1:00 (email Amira to sign up if you would like to participate)
  • Clarification on clothing orders: For clothing orders, I collect the details and a check (or cash) for each order and put in a group order through our club treasury. You can pick whatever you like from www.somethinggreek.com, it doesn't have to be the same as other club members orders. Having letters is a great way to spread APOs name across campus and the community (wear letters while volunteering!). I'll be collecting more orders throughout the week into next meeting or so, which would place the order coming in right around initiation so pledges will be able to wear their clothes right away :)
  • $15 for conclave T-Shirt due in the club space in top drawer of the filing cabinet next
  • Voted to send Claire as our second delegate
  • Thanks to Mac for drafting advisor/chapter expectations!
Dustin (Advisor)
  • We would like to be better known in the community
  • Continue with publicity (Pete is working on the website)
  • Please tell people if you can't make it to an event that you've signed up for!
  • We will try to provide better directions to events, clear communication

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 31 Meeting Notes

Hey Everybody & Happy (post) Halloween!

There was a lot of info covered at Sunday's meeting. Check out the blog (apouvm.blogspot.com) for more detailed notes!

IMPORTANT: Meeting next week is in the Old Mill John Dewey Lounge
EXCITING APO NEWS: We are SGA's club of the month for November for our commitment to service & being in good standing with SGA!

Sydney (MVP)- Julia's & Alyssa K's birthday (November 5th)!
  • Brother of the Week: Alison T. for being scary and losing her voice @ Friday's Halloween service!
  • Phone Tree was handed out (ask Sydney for one, if you weren't at the meeting)
  • We will be placing another clothing order through somethinggreek.com (Pledges ARE allowed to place orders)
  • Being in APO is a way to prepare ourselves for a future in leadership and service
  • Sarah G. & Alison M. won the costume contest for being Mrs. Potato Head and Bop-It Extreme, respectively.
Claire (Pledge Master)- "Pledge of the Week": Pete, for working on the website & volunteering for "Have a Heart"

  • ONGOING Thursdays 2:00-4:00pm @ McCauley Square Senior Housing: playing games with seniors
  • Nov. 4th-7th- Jeh Kulu Dance & Drym Conference @ City Hall (Thurs. 2 people needed 4:30-6:00pm; Fri. 2 people per shift 2:00-7:00pm; Sat. 2 people per shift 11:00am-1:00pm & 7:00-9:00pm; Sun. 2 people per shift 1:00-7:00pm & 7:00-9:00pm)
  • Nov. 4-6; Nov. 11-14- Ushers for UVM Theater shows (contact Meagan for details)
    November 4 - 6 & 11-13 @ 7:30pm
    November 6 & 14 @ 2pm
  • Sun. Nov. 7th - 11:00am-3:00pm Invasive Species Cleanup @ Charlotte Wildlife Park. Service set up by Alyssa C.!
  • Nov. 7th 7:00am-11:00am@ Shelburne: Volunteering at a half-marathon. Must sign up online: http://racevermont.volunteerlocal.com/
  • Nov. 13th 6-8:30 @ Echo Center: "Dr. Lewis's First Duck Race" (8-10 people needed; please dress in black bottoms/white top)
Katie B. (FVP)- Fellowships
  • Fri- Basketball @ 4:00pm in the gym basketball courts
Amira (Events)
  • Mark your calendars: Bigs/Littles Race will be on Nov. 13th at 1:00 or 2:00 (A really fun way to get to know your brothers/families)
  • Dates to remember: CAPS Sunday, Dec. 12th 10:00am-12:00pm. A breakfast snack will be provided.
  • Nov. 14th- Nominations; Dec. 5th- Elections (Must be present to be elected)
  • Conclave T-Shirt Design by Booker. Tell Heika your size if you were not at the meeting!
  • T-Shirts will be $15. You can bring money to Sunday's meeting or drop it off in the top drawer of the filing cabinet of our APO office in the SGA clubspace.
  • We will now be discussing pieces of legislation & voting on them at each meeting
Some of the legislation discussed & voted upon (Majority vote in bold):

Where should 2010 National Convention site be?
  • OC, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
Sentence added to bylaws that states that advisors should undergo initiation. YES
Honorary members should have to be 16 years old. No majority vote
Petitioning members who left school within 2 months of chartering date could become honorary members. YES
Changed wording of who qualifies as Alum. YES
Student is petitioning member once he or she has undergone a petitioning ceremony. YES
Additional requirements added to charter a chapter now included in bylaws.YES
Rules to be more clear for transferring schools and not having to repeat the pledge process. YES

2011-2012 Service Week Themes:
  • Cancer
  • Poverty
  • Healthy Lifestyle


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 24 Meeting Notes

Hey Everybody!

This is going to be kinda long because there was a lot of info covered at Sunday's meeting.

Bobby, our section chair attended our meeting.

Sydney (MVP)- Katie B.'s Birthday (Oct. 26th)!
  • Office hours will be posted soon
  • E-Board meetings @ 8:00pm every Thursday
Claire (Pledge Master)- "Pledge of the Week": Danielle

URGENT NEED FOR 3 VOLUNTEERS: Fri. "Haunted Halloween Bash" 5:30-10 in Shelburne (Contact Meagan if you are interested)

From Meagan:
"they will get pizza and get to be part of a great event helping families of parent's that have cancer. It should be a fun event and they will get to be part of a haunted house"!
  • Thurs. 2-4@ McCauley Square Senior Housing: playing games with seniors
  • Thurs/Fri 5-5:30 @ Pearl House on Colchester Ave: "Have a Heart" giving out candy to neighborhood kids
  • Sat. 5:30-10 @ Leddy Park: "Freaky Fairytale"
  • Nov. 7th 7:00am-11:00am@ Shelburne: Volunteering at a half-marathon. Must sign up online: http://racevermont.volunteerlocal.com/
  • Nov. 13th 6-8:30 @ Echo Center: "Dr. Lewis's First Duck Race" (8-10 people needed; please dress in black bottoms/white top)
  • Contact Meagan of you're interested in volunteering for "Fright Night" to be a watchman (Suggested by Danielle)
Katie B. (FVP)- Fellowships
  • Wed- Pub Quiz 9:00pm @ Brennan's
  • Dates to remember: CAPS TBD; Nov. 14th- Nominations; Dec. 5th- Elections (Must be present to be elected)
  • Pete will be working on our UVM website (uvm.edu/aphio); he's looking for underclassmen to help. Also, if people have suggestions!
  • Conclave went really well. Everyone seemed to have fun and learn a lot. We tried hard to promote our upcoming Conclave here at UVM this spring. We even won two awards - roll call and man mile.
  • If anyone is interested in attending Leadership Day for Section 94, let me know ASAP. It is on November 6 at St. A's in New Hampshire. It starts at 9 am and goes until about 3 pm. It is completely free with lunch being provided. If you have a vehicle and would be willing to drive, that'd be awesome. If we get a car together by this weekend we can try to get gas money. Leadership day is run similar to the Saturday part of Conclave, with workshops and discussions throughout the day on various topics. If you intend to run for a position, especially one of the higher positions, this would be incredibly useful and valuable to go to.
  • As mentioned at the meeting on Sunday, if anyone is interested in being the second voting delegate from our chapter at Nationals in Atlanta from December 27 to 30, let me know. Early registration deadline is November 8th. Nationals is a great opportunity to connect with brothers from around the country, and this is the convention that decides changes to National bylaws and other National documents.
  • Our Conclave twitter is : uvmconclave2011. Check it out! Updates will be posted on there when they occur.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oct. 3 Meeting

Sunday's meeting started off with a speed-dating get to know you game with brothers and pledges. It was great to get some one-on-one time with new people.

Brother of the Week: Alyssa Kaliszewski

-Saturday Oct. 9 Walk With Me, Redstone Green 9am-12pm
-Sunday Oct. 10 Ronald McDonald House Halloween Howl Fun Run at the bike path by the water front, 7:30-11am; Meet in front of the Davis Center at 7 to walk down together
-Sunday Oct. 10 Giant Pumpkin Regatta Pumpkin Festival; Battery Park on Lake Champlain, 9am-4pm. Meet at 8:30 in front of the Davis Center to walk down.
-Sunday Oct. 10 350.org's Global Work Party; Meet at 9am on Waterman Green for a rally down to Battery Park.
-Friday Oct. 29 Monster Halloween Bash, Old Lantern in Charlotte 6-10pm
-Burlington Children's Space- Every Monday and Wednesday 4-5pm; Walk down with Charles from the Allen House at 3:30 sharp. Contact Charles with questions: cwinklem@uvm.edu

Meagan sent out an invite to Google docs to record service hours. Hopefully that method will prove more efficient and easy than the Lynx. If anyone is having problems or didn't get an invite, shoot Meagan an e-mail: maquinla@uvm.edu

If you would like to sign up for services, all the sign-up sheets are in the office.

Friday Oct. 8 Pick-up Football- 4pm at the soccer fields near the gym
Questions? E-mail Katie: kbloore@uvm.edu

Bigs and Littles!
Check the weekly e-mail for big/little assignments. Bigs, try and contact your littles ASAP!

Important Reminders:
-Next week's meeting will be held in Billings Lecture Hall.
-Be sure to let Syndey know if you will be missing a meeting. A lot of people were gone on Sunday.
-If pledges would like to join a committee for conclave shoot Annice an e-mail: asevett@uvm.edu. The committees are Banquet, Entertainment and Service, Registration and Marketing, Workshops, and Fundraising. For for info see the weekly e-mail or ask a brother.
-For people going to Conclave: Let Annice know when you are available to leave on Oct. 22.
-To see examples of roll call videos, like those performed at Conclave banquets, search APO NC on Youtube. There are no videos from this year yet, but there are ones from 2008.
-Again, join the Lynx if you haven't already. Go to www.uvm.edu/clubs, sign in with the same user ID as MyUVM, and search Alpha Phi Omega and request to join. Annice will approve you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 26 Meeting and Initiation

This Sunday Alpha Gamma Eta initiated new pledges! The energy from the new group is great; it's going to be an exciting semester.

Brother of the Week: Amira Soliman

-Wednesday Sept. 29 Apple Pie Baking for the Ronald McDonald House; 7-9pm UHeights N Kitchen
-Burlington Children's Space every Wednesday 4-5pm. Contact Meagan or former brother Charles for more information.
-Sunday Oct. 3 Suicide Prevention Walk; Walk at 9am, Set-up at 8:30am Battery Park
-SundayOct. 3 Spectrum Ride; 9:30-11:15am Dorset Park- "Lunch, cookies, and a good time!"
-Sunday Oct. 3 Green Mountain Sled Hockey 3:15-5:30pm
-If you would like to be a service captain, put a star by your name on the service sign up sheet or talk to Meagan. This is a great way to take on some repsonsibility and help services be a lot of fun and run smoothly.
Questions? E-mail Meagan: maquinla@uvm.edu

-Wednesday's apple pie baking doubles as a service and a fellowship.
-Saturday Oct. 2 Hike up Mt. Philo! Meet in front of the Davis Center at noon.
Questions? E-mail Katie: kbloore@uvm.edu

Other Notes:
-Take any good pictures at services and fellowships? E-mail them to Hannah, our historian, so they can possibly go in the semester scrapbook: hpaul@uvm.edu
-Remember, dues are $35. Turn them in to Jenn ASAP.
-To people going to CONCLAVE: Give Annice your forms ASAP.
-Pledges should join the APO page on the Lynx.
-If you sign up for a service, be sure to let Meagan or your service captain know if you are not attending and/or cross your name off the sign-up sheet in clubspace. Dropping out of services is an issue and if we show up to a service with less volunteers than we promised, it gives our club a bad name and could hurt the people we are trying to help.

Have a great week APO!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week of Sept. 19

At this Sunday's meeting we welcomed many new prospective pledges and stuck around for a service afterwards. It was a great way to catch up with brothers and get to meet some new faces!

Monday Sept. 20: Bike, Pedestrian & Motorist Safety; 12-2pm at Main St. Crossing by L/L
Friday Sept. 24: Campus Clean-Up; 3-4pm, meet at Club Space (3rd floor Davis Center)
Saturday Sept. 25: Memory Walk for Alzheimers' Association; 7:45am-12pm (set-up) and 8:30-12pm (walk) at Shelburne Museum
Saturday Sept. 25: Shelburne Farm Festival (tentative); 9:45am-4:30pm shifts at Shelburne Farm
Sunday Sept. 26th: Walk to Defeat ALS; 7:30am-1pm shifts at Dorset Park
Sunday Sept. 26th: Green Mountain Sled Hockey Classic; 3:15-5:30pm at Cairns Arena (S. Burlington)
Questions? E-mail Meagan: maquinla@uvm.edu

Tuesday Sept. 21: Library Night, 7pm; Come hang out with brothers on the first floor of Bailey Howe. Get some light work done or just take a study break. See you there!
Saturday Sept. 25: Apple picking; 1:30pm at Adam's Apple Orchard
Questions? E-mail Katie: kbloore@uvm.edu

Brother of the Week: Amber Casterlin!

Initiation Info:
Initiation is this coming Sunday. Brothers arrive at 5:30, pledges at 6. We will meet in Billings in the fireplace room (in the main Billings building, not by the MLK Lounge). See everyone there!

Important Info:
-Dues for pledges are $65 and $35 for brothers. Checks can be made out to Alpha Phi Omega and can be given to Jenn.
-Clothing orders must be in to Sydney by Tuesday/today!
-Keep recording hours on the Lynx.
-If you are new to APO, log on to uvm.edu/clubs and join the APO page. If you need help you can always e-mail any of the officers or ask at a meeting.

Conclave is October 22-24th at WPI in Worcester, MA. It's a lot of fun, and the theme is flashback, so you get to dress in '50s garb! It's a great way to bond with brothers and get a sense of APO as a whole organization. Let Annice know if you want to attend by TODAY! (Annice.Sevett@uvm.edu)

In LFS (Leadership, Friendship, Service),

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Back! Week of Sept. 12

Yo APO! This is my first blog entry as Alpha Gamma Eta secretary for the fall. I hope my entries are informative and easy to read. If they're not, if I'm failing miserably, please tell me, because I'd hate to not be doing my job well and not know it. E-mail me with comments, suggestions, questions, crazy stories, fun facts, or anything else at kehughes@uvm.edu. Peace, love, and APO.


-Friday Sept. 17: Campus Clean-up 3-4pm, meet at clubspace
-Saturday Sept. 24 (NOT the 18th!): Alztheimers Assoc. Memory Walk 8:30am-12pm, Shelburne Museum
-Saturday Sept. 18: Intervale Cleaning Project 10:30am, sign up and get more info
-Saturday Sept. 24: Lund Family Adoption Picnic- times TBA


-Wednesday Sept. 15: Music Swap 7pm, UHeights North Lounge. Bring your laptop, iPod, etc. Get new music and bond with brothers!
-Brother dinners and library nights will be on alternate weeks. This Sunday we had a brother dinner, and next week on Tuesday (9/21) will be library night. More info on Sunday.
-Saturday Sept. 25: Apple Picking at Adam's Apple Orchard in Williston.
-Tuesday Sept. 28: Use the apples we picked to bake pies for the Ronald McDonald House

Rush Week Events, Sept. 13-17th:
Monday: Ice Cream Social 5-7pm, L/L Fire Place Lounge
Tuesday: Game Night 7-9pm, UHeights North Lounge
Wednesday: Pick-up Volleyball on Athletic Campus 3:30-4:30pm
-Also on Wednesday: Activities Fair! Be sure to stop by our table!
Thursday: Service! Invasive Species Clean-Up 1-3pm, meet in front of Davis Center
Friday: Info Session 4-5pm, Davis Center Chittenden Bank Room

Brother of the Week: Kelly Swartz!

Meeting Notes:
-Each officer went over CAPS goals from last semester. Be sure to keep these goals in mind throughout the semester.
-CLOTHES! Give orders to Sydney through next week.
-Remember that if you are going to miss a weekly meeting, contact Sydney: sganon@uvm.edu
-Annice went over how to use the new Lynx set-up. Go to uvm.edu/clubs and click on Alpha Phi Omega to enter your service hours. Remember that it is set up in a way that Annice has to approve them, so they will not show up immediately. If you have questions about how to use the Lynx and enter hours, feel free to e-mail me or Annice.
-CONCLAVE! October 22-24th at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) in Worcester, Mass. Contact Annice if you want to go. We want good numbers to attend since we will be conclave hosts in the spring!!
-If you ever want to come to e-board meetings, they will be every Thursday at 8pm on the 4th floor of the Davis Center, either in the Spruce or Boulder Society Room.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25th, 2010

Hey Everyone!

This is my last APO Blog Update! I just wanted to say everyone did a great job this semester doing a lot of good! We completed a lot of hours.

Here is what went down at the meeting:

20th Anniversary of Alpha Gamma Eta Chapter this Wednesday April 28th! Wear your letters!!!!!!

Peace Corps:
  • You can meet with Amanda if you are interested in the Peace Corps. Here office is located at 207 Morrill Hall.
  • There will be 2 informational sessions:
    • Tuesday (April 27th) from 6:30-8pm on the 4th Floor of the DC in William's Room
    • Wednesday (April 28th) from 6:30-8pm at the Fletcher Free Library
  • WEDNESDAY (April 28th): Dismas House - Help pot plants to sell from 12-4 or 1-5pm
  • FRIDAY (April 30th): Campus Clean Up @ 3pm - Meet in the club space

  • WEDNESDAY (April 28th):
    • T-Shirt Decorating Party for Big/Little Race
    • Pub Quiz @ 9pm in Brennen's
  • SATURDAY (May 1st): Big and Littles Race - Meet at the Atrium in the DC @ 1pm
  • NEXT THURSDAY (May 4th): Drive in Movie How to Train Your Dragon at Sunset Drive In in Colchester @ 8:10 pm
NEC (FRIDAY May 7th)
  • Dinner will start at 5:30pm, so people driving will need to leave by 2:30 from UVM
Brother of the Week: Jenn

New Brothers
  • Scrap Books due next week
  • Fellowship on May 5th from 1-3pm outside the Gym
  • Service on May 1st (This Saturday) - meet @ the Waterman Green at 9am for Green-Up Day
  • Email Katie Bloore if you plan on attending!!!!!
  • Pay $5 before May 6th
  • President: Annice
  • Service Vice President: Meagan Q
  • Membership Vice President: Sydney
  • Fellowship Vice President: Rachel
  • Treasurer: Jenn
  • Secretary: Katie H.
  • Conclave Chair: Angela, Kelly, or Melissa
  • Historian: Amira or Hannah P.
  • Fundraising Chair: Angela or Alison M.
  • Events Chair: Alison M., Amira, Sarah
  • Alumni/Adviser Chair: Mac
Congratulations to the New E-Board! I wish you all luck on your finals, papers, and projects and have a fantastic summer! I just want to say you are all pretty awesome yourselves. :)

Your Awesome APO Secretary in LFS,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18th, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS NEW BROTHERS!!!!!! You all have done an amazing job this semester! :)

  • Burlington Children's Space Every Tuesday and Friday from 4-5pm
  • Get well card by the end of the week - More info in an email
  • FRIDAY (April 23rd): Campus Clean Up
  • SATURDAY (April 24th):
    • May Fair for Operation Military Kids from 9am-4pm on Red Stone Green
    • Relay for Life 4:30-5pm -> look for an email
      • Does anyone have a tent?
  • TUESDAY: Alison's Orchestra Concerts @ 7:30 in Southwick
  • WEDNESDAY: Pub Quiz @ 9pm in Brennen's
  • FRIDAY: Pot Luck Dinner down by the Lake - Meet @ the DC at 4:30pm
  • May 1st (Saturday): Big/Littles Race starting at 1pm
Pledge (New Brothers) Service, Fundraiser, Fellowship
  • Service: SATURDAY (May 1st) Green Up Day
    • Wear bright color shirt, water bottle, and gloves if you have them
  • Fundraiser: SATURDAY (April 24th) at Spring Fest @ 12, 1, and 2
  • Fellowship: WEDNESDAY (May 5th) Field Day from 1-3 meet in front of the Gym
  • Made $97 last Friday at the Bake Sale making a grand total of $333
  • If we make it to $500 then Heika will bring treats to CAPS
  • We have 4 more bake sales
  • TOMORROW we have a bake sale table
  • Leaving @2pm coming back by 10pm on Friday May 7th
  • Brother of the Week - Congratulations Kelly S.!!!
  • Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!!
  • APO won awar for service leader and recruitment!
  • Bowling by UPB this TUESDAY from 8:30-midnight -- Meet outside DC Oval
  • If you would like to be a chair for Conclave send in request by April 29th
  • President:
    • Annice
    • Melissa
    • Alyssa
    • Ariel
    • Meagan
  • SVP
    • Charles
    • Ariel
    • Meagan
    • Katie H.
    • Alyssa
    • Ted
    • Hannah P.
    • Danny
    • Booker
  • MVP
    • Katie B
    • Katy T.
    • Sarah
    • Hannah W.
    • Sydney
    • Hannah R.
    • Claire
    • Angie
    • Amber
    • Jenn
    • Angela
    • Chelsea
  • FVP
    • Rachel
    • Amira
    • Katie H.
    • Katy T.
    • Hannah R.
    • Alyssa
    • Meagan
    • Kelly
    • Claire
    • Katie B.
    • Chelsea
  • Pledge Master
    • Kelly
    • Shadia
    • Angie
    • Claire
    • Charles
    • Katy T
    • Amira
    • Alison
    • Alyssa
    • Chelsea
    • Rebecca
  • Treasure
    • Meagan
    • Claire
    • Angela
    • Michelle
    • Jenn
  • Secretary
    • Claire
    • Hannah R.
    • Rachelle
    • Rebecca
    • Jenn
    • Hannah W
    • Em
    • Amira
    • Chelsea
    • Kelly
    • Katie H.
  • Conclave Chair
    • Annice
    • Ariel
    • Sydney
    • Angela
    • Melissa
    • Claire
    • Charles
    • Hannah P.
    • Kelly
    • Sarah
    • Shadia
    • Em
    • Alison
    • Michelle S
  • Historian
    • Hannah P
    • Shadia
    • Alyssa
    • Hannah W.
    • Angie
    • Amira
    • Sarah
  • Fundraising Chair
    • Angela
    • Hannah W
    • Booker
    • Kelly
    • Melissa
    • Angie
    • Chelsea
    • Claire
  • Events Chair
    • Hannah P
    • Sarah
    • Hannah W
    • Angie
    • Meagan
    • Alison
    • Amira
  • Alumni/Adviser Chair
    • Mac
    • Sarah
    • Sydney
  • Webmaster
    • Katy M.
    • Melissa
    • Meagan
    • Jenn

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11th, 2010

  • Campus Clean-up - TBD (Look in Wednesday Email for official date and time)
  • SATURDAY April 17th: BCA Dance-a-Thon!
    • 6-11 pm @ Memorial Auditorium
  • SATURDAY and SUNDAY April 17th and 18th: Special Olympics Basketball @ Patrick Gym
  • SUNDAY April 18th:
    • Food Salvage Banquet
      • 2 Hour shifts from 9am-9pm @ 87 King Street
      • Benefits Lund Family Center!
    • UVM Hillel Community Service Event
      • 12-4pm on North Prospect Street
      • Look out for more details later in the week!
  • WEDNESDAY April 14th: Pub Quiz @ 9pm in Brennen's
  • THURSDAY April 15h: Brother Bike Ride (Weather Permitting)
    • Meet outside the DC oval @ 4pm
  • SATURDAY April 17th: North Beach and Gilling (Weather Permitting) @ 11am
  • SUNDAY April 18th:
    • Rebecca's UVM Band concert @ 3pm (Free!) at Southwick
    • Brother Dinner at Brennen's
  • TUESDAY April 20th: Alison's Orchestra Concert @ 7:30 pm at Southwick
  • Bake Sale this TUESDAY and FRIDAY fro 11-3
    • Friday will be admitted Students day, so try to bring baked goods for that day!
Important Upcoming Dates
  • April 18th (Next Sunday): Pledge Initiation and Nominations for E-board Positions
  • April 25th: E-Board Elections
  • May 2nd: Induction of New Officers and CAPS
  • May 7th (Friday): Chartering at NEC (our Brother Chapter)
  • May 9th: Last APO meeting of the Semester
Positions to Run for Next Semester: These are all great leadership opportunities! A great way to stay involved in APO!
  • E-Board:
  • President: Ensures everyone is doing their job and makes sure our chapter is running smoothly (Only Brother's can run for this position)
  • Service Vice President: Plan, coordinate, and execute service opportunities and keep track of everyones hours (Only Brothers can run for this position)
  • Membership Vice President: In charge of logistics, keeping contact with all the members and inactive. Oversees the event chair and contracting alumni.
  • Treasure: Year long position. Keeps track of the budge, in charge of fundraising, and is in contact with SGA
  • Pledge Master: Decides what the pledges will learn. Weekly meetings with the pledges.
  • Secretary: Take notes at all the meetings. Updates the APO Blog every week and sends out midweekly emails reminding people of upcoming services, fellowships, and events.
  • Conclave Chair: Year long position. Be in charge of planning and organizing conclave for next spring!
  • Chairs (Attend some E-board meetings):
  • Historian: Takes pictures at all the events and complies them in a scrapbook. Also adds to the family tree of brothers!
  • Fundraising Chair: Put forth ideas for fundrasing
  • Events Chair: Plans 2 events a semester. Appointed by the MVP.
  • Adviser and Alumni Chair: Talking to advisers and setting expectations for them. Also creates a semester newsletter to send out to alumni
  • Committees for Conclave:
  • Registration: In charge of figuring out how many people will attend conclave and signing people up
  • Entertainment: In charge of fellowships and Friday Night events
  • Banquet: In charge of set up, catering, awards, and decorations for the Saturday Banquet
  • Workshops: In charge of finding potential people to run workshops during conclave and setting them up
  • Logistics: In charge of setting up hotels and room reservations
Pledge Events
  • Fundraising: Tables @ Spring Fest
    • Pie Eating Contest and Saltine Eating Contest with Prizes
  • Fellowship: Field Day May 5th from 1-3pm
    • If its a nice day, meet outside the Patrick Gym, otherwise meet on the tennis courts inside
    • Relay Races and Games!
  • Service: Burlington Green-Up Day on May 1st
    • Meet at the Waterman Green @ 9am
    • Wear a bright colored shirt, bring a water bottle, and bring your own gloves if you have them
  • If you have any photos from this semester's fellowships or services email them to MJ for the scrapbook
  • Email Katie Bloore if you want to go to the Banquet on May 8th but forgot to sign up at the meeting today
  • Week of Welcome - Help out at Events for First Year's first week at school!
    • Make $300
    • Applications due by this Friday!
  • Holocaust Remembrance Week this week
  • May 4th (Last Day of Classes) Come watch and dance with MJ and her West African Dance Class on the Waterman Green @ 3pm

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4

• Alison is going to send out an email with all the services coming up.

• Wednesday April 7 - Karaoke in Brennans at 9 pm
- UVM skates at Carnes Arena - Meet outside the Davis Center Circle to take the bus with APO folks at 9 pm ($3 if you need skates, free if you don't)
• Saturday April 10 - Come support Katie H. in her figure skating showcase!! 6 pm in gutterson rink. $3 for students. Look for more details about meeting up, etc. in the Wednesday email
• Sunday April 11 - Brother bike ride after the meeting

• This week we have bake sales on Tuesday (April 6) and Wednesday (April 7)
• Tuesday April 6 - Outside Table 1 from 1:30 to 4 pm
• Wednesday April 7 - Outside Table 5 from 11 am to 3 pm
• Drop off your baked goods in the office before 1:30 pm on Tuesday or swing by the table
• Booker has a list of who signed up for times - email her if you have questions/forgot if you signed up

• Just some things to keep in mind - Conclave is going to be lots of fun to plan as well as lots of work, but it is definitely worth it. Responsibilities will be spread out, so there are lots of opportunities next semester for leadership. And everyone will be on a committee to help out.
• If you are thinking about running for conclave, talk to Annice for more information about the position. It is a year long position that will oversee all of the committee chairs and make final decisions, deal with problems, etc.

Goals from CAPS last semester:
• Short Term Goal - Alpha Phi Omega will work to foster stronger bonds within the fraternity, as well as on the University of Vermont campus and in the greater Burlington community. In order to achieve this goal, we will develop a large project to generate awareness of our student organization.
• Mission Statement - In three years Alpha Phi Omega will be widely known on the University of Vermont campus with strong programs in leadership, friendship, and service focused on maintaining the past, continuing the present, and developing the future.

• Brother of the Week - Sydney! (And happy birthday on Wednesday!)
• Reminder for Mac - Be careful what pictures you post on facebook that have APO somewhere in them.

Dates to keep in mind:
• April 18 - Initiation at our regular meeting time
• April 25 - Nominations for positions
• May 1 - Pledge Service (if I remember correctly)
• May 2 - Elections
• May 5 - Pledge Fellowship
• May 7 - Chartering at NEC: Need people to drive to and from NEC, getting there around 5 pm and returning to UVM the same night (it takes about two hours to get there; note this is a final day but if anyone can drive let us know - the number of drivers determines how many other people can go).
• May 8 - Banquet: Time TBD (at night)
• May 9 - Last APO meeting of the semester
• I know it's a lot of APO during finals, so keep this in mind as we get close. Plan your studying around our events.
• TBD: Bigs/Little Race; CAPS

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

As always, let us know if you have questions about anything. We are always available through email (aphio@uvm.edu, or our personal emails) or feel free to stop by for office hours.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th, 2010

Welcome Back from Conclave!
Congratulations on the Winning the Bid for Conclave Spring 2011!
And Great job on winning 2 awards:
Man Mile and Pledge Mile!

  • This Week
    • TUESDAY (March 30th) , WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY (up to April 7th)
      • Habitat for Humanity Phone-a-thon from 6-9 pm at Champlain College
    • TUESDAY (March 30th) and NEXT TUESDAY (April 7th)
      • Interval Conservatory Spring Harvest
        • 9am or 12:30 pm (Full or Half Day)
        • Bring Snack or Lunch if working for the full day
      • Burlington Children's Space from 4-5pm
    • FRIDAY (April 2nd)
      • Burlington Children's Space from 4-5pm
  • Next Week
    • THURSDAY (April 8th)
      • Blood Drive - Support the UVM Nursing Students
    • SATURDAY (April 10th)
      • Zumbathon! from 8am-1pm
        • Controis Auditorium (City Hall) for Women helping Bater Women
      • Festive of Cultures from 8am-5pm in 2 hour ships
    • SUNDAY
      • Cold Conference anytime from 11am-4pm in 2 hour shifts or more
  • Ongoing
    • April 5th (Monday) - April 15th (Thursday)
      • 4H Photograph and Poster Judging
        • TBA - You decide!
    • Soda Can tabs - Collect up to 25o tabs (50 tabs = 1 hour)
    • Donate Blood = 1 hour
  • Talk to Alison if you have any service ideas
  • Having Trouble seeing your hours? Email Alison to get you set up!
  • This Week
    • WEDNESDAY (March 31st)
      • Free Matzah Ball Soup @ CBW Green starting at 11am
      • Pub Quiz in Brennan's @ 9pm
    • SUNDAY (April 4th)
      • Brother Dinner
  • Next Week
    • WEDNESDAY (April 7th)
      • UVM Skates fro $3 from 8:45pm-12am
      • Karaoke in Brennan's @ 9pm (No PubQuiz)
  • Look out from information on a Baking Fellowship for Bake sale Fundraising
  • Note: Fundraising = Service to the Fraternity!!!!
  • Bake Sale Next Week - There will be an email for more information later
  • 2 New Liaisons to our Chapter - Seeing them now a couple times a semester with Bobby
  • Nominations for SGA Club Awards due April 2nd (This FRIDAY)!!!
  • Brother of the Week - Ariel! Thank you for all the work on the conclave bid!
  • Passover Story and Matzha with Dub-town and Mac
    • Converse East Attic @ 8pm this Tuesday (March 30th)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21st, 2010

  • This Week:
    • WEDNESDAY (March 24th): Planned Parenthood Back-Up Your Birth Control - Hand out condoms
      • 11am - 2 pm on Church Street
  • Next Week and Coming Weeks:
    • March 30th - April 7th: Habitat for Humanity Phone-a-Thon
      • 6pm - 9pm @ Champlain College
  • Ongoing:
    • Every TUESDAYs and THURSDAYs: Burlington Children's Space from 4-5pm
    • Donate Blood = 1 hour of service
    • Collect 50 Soda Tabs = 1 hour
      • Maximum of 250 Soda Can Tabs for 5 hours of service
    • Operation Military Kids Committee - Meet with Alison
    • Relay for Life
      • Tabling on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-2pm @ Davis Center
        • Every Bag Sold = Donation goes toward our team
        • Talk to Kayla if you are interested
  • WEDNESDAY (March 24th): Pub Quiz Tournament @ 9pm in Brennan's
  • SATURDAY (March 27th): Flair Your Chair from 1-6pm in DC Atrium
  • Fellowship Suggestions? Email Sarah
  • Be at the Davis Center Circle @ 6:50pm on Friday to leave at 7pm (DON'T BE LATE!)
  • Eat dinner before leaving on Friday!
  • Bring Lunch for Saturday!!!!!
  • Wear UVM colors
  • Conclave Bid for Spring 2011
    • Any ideas for power point???? - Email Ariel or Annice
  • Lottery Booklets hand into Melissa when you are ready
  • Accepted and will go into action immediately
  • Be sure to wear black for the day your picture will be taken

Monday, March 1, 2010

February 28, 2010

There will be No Sunday Meeting March 14th.

  • This Week:
    • MONDAY (March 1st -TOMORROW!)
      • 5:30-8:30 PM Women Helping Battered Women Phone-a-thon
        • 294 No. Winooski Ave
        • 3 more slots
    • TUESDAY (March 2nd)
      • 5:30-8:30 PM Women Helping Battered Women Phone-a-thon
        • 294 No. Winooski Ave
        • 5 slots
    • THURSDAY (March 4th)
      • 7:30-11:30 PM Vermont Public Television Pledge Drive
        • Colchester
        • 5 slots
  • Ongoing
    • Relay for Life - Don't forget to Register Online
  • If you are going, need $10 by tomorrow (Monday!)
  • Theme Ideas
    • Harry Potter
    • Email Ariel/Annice for any more ideas by tomorrow before 8pm
    • Note: theme must encompass all aspect of the conclave weekend, from the service, to the decorations
  • Another school might be bidding against us for conclave
APO Apparel Now In
  • Pick Up from Annice
  • Complete a Scratch Card book over spring break
  • If completed, then $10 registration fee to Relay for Life will be payed for and an extra $20 will be donated to in your name for Relay for Life
Enjoy your spring break!!!!!!! See you for our next meet on Sunday March 21st! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

Note: Next Sunday Meeting Changed to 5:30 pm!!!!!

: End of the Semester Banquet on Saturday, May 8th
  • Sign Up for Committee to help out with food, decorations, etc.
  • Email Katie Bloore if interested!!!!
Relay For Life: Saturday April 24th-25th from 6pm-5am (Service to the Nation)
  • Join by going online at relayforlife.org/uvm
    • Team: Alpha Phi Omega
  • $10 Registration Fee Pay online
    • See Kayla if you would rather pay by check or cash
  • If you raise $100 by March 26th Get a Free T-Shirt
  • Tableing @ Relay for Life (Service to the Fraternity) - See Kayla
  • This Week:
    • WEDNESDAY (February 24th) - Service to the Fraternity
      • Making the Bylaws Gender Neural before PubQuiz @ 6pm
      • Email Mac if interested!
    • SATURDAY (February 27th) - Mardi Gras Parade Crowd Patrol
      • Meet @ City Hall (On Church Street) by 2pm
    • Knitting for Special Olympics - See Alison (Due by March 1st)
  • Next Week:
    • MONDAY and TUESDAY (March 1st and 2nd)
      • Phone-a-Thon from 5:30-8:30 pm on Winooski Ave.
        • Need 5 people for each shift
        • Free Food!!!!
    • THURSDAY (March 4th)
      • Pledge Drive from 7:30-11:30 in Essex
        • Need 5 people
        • Need Drivers
        • Training Involved
  • Ongoing:
    • Operation Military Kids Committee
      • Making hero packs for children with deplyed partend
      • Calling for donations
      • Write Letters to Children
      • Goal: Make 5 packs
      • There will be a couple meetings throughout the semester
  • Hours:
    • Must do @ least 1 service in each of the 4 categories (Fraternity, University, Community, and Nation)
    • 10 hours must be through APO
  • WEDNESDAY - Pub Quiz @ 9pm
    • Israel Band Hadag Nachash
    • Free Concert @ 8pm in the Grand Maple Ballroom (4th Floor of the DC)
  • SUNDAY (February 28th) - Vagina Monologues @ 7pm
    • $10 for tickets
    • Support Sarah and Michelle!!!!
  • Now on the Lynx - Proposed Revisions
    • Answer your question and bring it to the next meeting
    • Voting next Sunday (Feb. 28th) to Accept new Bylaws
    • Service to Fraternity on Wednesday Night to make Bylayws and Risk Management Policy Gender Neutral @ 6pm
Family Tree
  • Look out for an Email from MJ
    • Wear Black on Sunday Meeting for Head Shot Picture on the day assigned for your family
  • Brother of the Week: Congrats Mac for all the time put into the Bylaws!!
  • Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!!
  • Meeting in Rosa Parks room on Thursday @ 7:45
  • Big/Little Requests were due Today

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!

See you in 2 weeks :)

  • This Week:
    • February 8th (Monday)
      • Baking for Good News Garage from 5:30-7:30 @ UHN Kitchen
      • Also making Valentines for Children in Haiti
    • February 11th (Thursday)
      • Knitting Party! Knit scarves for the Special Olympic Winter Games starting @ 7pm
        • Room TBA
    • February 13th (Saturday)
      • ReSources (Old Recycle North on Pine St.) from 4 - 9pm
        • Help organize store
    • February 14th (Sunday)
      • ReSources (Old Recycle North on Pine St.) from 8am-whenever
        • Painting Wall
  • Next Week:
    • February 20th (Saturday)
      • Cook and Serve Dinner for Shelter (TBA) from 3:30 - 7pm
  • 2 Weeks from Now:
    • February 27th (Saturday)
      • Mardi Gras Parade from 2pm - 5pm
  • Ongoing:
    • Burlington Children's Space Tuesday and Fridays from 3:30 - 5pm
    • CVAA - Volunteer with an elderly patient (2-3 hours a week)
      • Email Alison if interested
  • February 10th (Wednesday)
    • Bowling for $2.79 per game - Need Drivers
      • Meeting @ 8pm
    • Pub Quiz @ 9pm
  • February 11th (Thursday)
    • Rasputin's 18+ Dance Party after Knitting Party
      • $5 cover charge for Under 21
  • February 14th (Sunday)
    • Making Dinner in UHN Kitchen @ 7pm
Pledge Ritual
  • February 12th @ Waterman Memorial Lounge
    • Brothers come @ by 4:40
    • Pledges come @ 5pm
    • DRESS UP!
  • V-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Females
    • Scratch Card lottery Card
    • Need more people to Sign Up!
    • Email Booker or Melissa if you are interested
  • Fundraising Committee
    • Need more people! Email Booker of Melissa if interested
  • Sign Ups are Closing Soon
  • Email Ariel or Annice if you want to go!
  • If you still want to buy something with APO letters (www.somethinggreek.com)
    • Email Order to Annice by Tuesday and be sure to get your money in
  • Pledge Policy, Bylaws, and Risk Management Policy on the Lynx
  • Volunteering @ Stowe the last Weekend of Spring Break
    • Talk to Kayla if interested
    • During Breaks get free Lift Passes!
  • Volunteering @ the Hospital
    • Talk to Mac if interested

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

NOTE: Next week's meeting will be @ 2 pm because of the Super Bowl
  • This Week:
    • February 6th (Saturday)
      • 8-10:30 am : Snowshoe Festival
      • 12:30-3:00: Burlington Penguin Plunge - Break down event
        • Email Alison to fill out Volunteer form
  • Next Week:
    • February 8th (Monday)
      • 5:30-7:30 @ UHeights North Kitchen - Baking cookies for Good News Garage
    • February 13th (Saturday)
      • 4-9pm - Help deliver for Re-Sources (over by Recycle North)
    • February 16th (Sunday)
      • 8am - Whenever - Sunday Shuffle ~ Move around and Paint
  • On Going Services:
    • Burlington Children's Space - Every Tuesday and Friday from 3:30 - 5 pm
    • Interested in Wii Nights with Senior Citizens (Email Alison)
  • Emil Alison if you have any specific service you would like to do or an organization you would like to help
  • Google Docs - Any questions, ask Alison
  • February 5th (Friday) - Movie Night @ Sarah's House 7 pm
  • No Pub Quiz this week (Starting up Next Week)
  • After Next Sunday Meeting - Spaghetti Dinner at UHeights
Tutorial on the Lynx
  • Sign in to the Lynx to RSVP to events, services, and fellowships
Rush Week
  • Wear your letters to Rush events (especially the lunch on Friday)
  • Tabling this week (remember how Mac taught you how to go up to people and ask)
  • Try to come to as many Rush events as you can
  • Flyering - Try to do it by tonight or tomorrow morning
  • Pledge Ritual February 12th @ 5pm
  • March 26th - 28th @ UNH (about a 2 hour drive away)
  • Plan on leaving late on Friday
  • Sign - up if you can go by Feb 15th
  • APO Apparel - Decision and Money by Next Sunday Meeting
    • Website: www.somethinggreek.com (Go Check it Out!)
    • Email or Give Annice exactly what you want and write a check to her rounding up to the nearest dollar to pay for shipping
  • Want a Little this Semester? - Fill out Big/Little Form
  • Want to be Van Certified? Email Annice with any questions
  • Suggestion Box now in the APO office
  • Launch Coming to UVM
  • Little Brother Chapter plans to visit sometime in
  • Happy 21st Birthday to Mac!!!!!!!!!
  • Brother of the Week: Congratulations MJ!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Meeting

Rush Week Tabling (This Week and Next):
  • Monday January 25, 2010
    • 11-12: Annice, Amber
    • 12-1: Meagan, Mac
    • 1-2: Katy T.
    • 2-3: Katy T.
  • Tuesday January 26, 2010
    • 11-12:
    • 12-1: Booker
    • 1-2: Meagan
    • 2-3: Lauren
  • Wednesday January 27, 2010
    • 11-12: MJ, Annice
    • 12-1: MJ, Alison M.
    • 1-2: Rebecca, Katy T.
    • 2-3: Katy T., Michelle L.
  • Thursday January 28, 2010
    • 11-12: Booker, Annice (11:15)
    • 12-1: Meagan
    • 1-2: _______
    • 2-3: _________
  • Friday January 29, 2010
    • 11-12: MJ
    • 12-1: MJ
    • 1-2: Meagan, Annice
    • 2-3: Alison M., Annice
  • Monday February 1, 2010
    • 11-12: Alison M.
    • 12-1: Ariel, MJ, Alison M.
    • 1-2: MJ, Meagan
    • 2-3: Sarah G.
  • Tuesday February 2, 2010
    • 11-12:
    • 12-1: Booker
    • 1-2: Sarah G., Michelle L.
  • Wednesday February 3, 2010
    • 11-12: Annice
    • 12-1: Rachel H, Alison M
    • 1-2: Rebecca
    • 2-3: Sarah G.
  • Thursday February 4, 2010
    • 11-12: Booker, Annice (11:15)
    • 12-1: Ariel, Meagan
    • 1-2: ___________
    • 2-3: ________
  • Friday February 5, 2010
    • 11-12: MJ
    • 12-1: MJ
    • 1-2: Meagan
    • 2-3: Sarah G., Alison M.
  • Note: Will also need help with flyering and a banner
Rush Events (Next Week) - Try to come to as many as possible to meet the new pledges!
  • Monday, Feb 1st from 7-9 pm @ L/L Fireplace Lounge - Study break with hot chocolate and tea. Bring your own mug!
    • MJ, Heika, Ariel, Lauren, Katie B., Annice, Alison M., Michelle L., Rachel H., Sarah G.
  • Tuesday, Feb 2nd from 5-7 pm @ Chittenden Bank Room - Info Session
    • MJ, Heika, Katie B.
  • Wednesday, Feb 3rd from 6-8 pm @ L/L Fireplace Lounge - Ice Cream Social. Bring your own bowl!
    • MJ, Heika, Ariel, Sydney, Michelle L., Rachel H., Sarah G.
  • Thursday, Feb 4th at 3pm. Meet at club space for Service (Ronald McDonald or Emergency Food Shelter)
    • MJ, Annice, Lauren
  • Friday, Feb 5th from 11am-1pm @ 2nd floor of Davis Center - Lunch
    • MJ, Amber, Alison, Ariel, Annice, Rachel H.
  • This Week
    • Burlington Children's Space-
      Tuesday, January 26th, 3:30-5PM
      Meet at the Allen House at 3 to walk down or at BCS (284 No. Winooski Ave.) to mentor children
    • Sunday Shuffle (Sunday, January 31st):
      @ ReStore 266 Pine St. Burlington
      Help move and reorganize the storeroom while they paint the walls.
      2 Shifts: 8-12 or 12-4PM.
      Want 5 people per shift.
  • Next Week
    • Snowshoe Festival: Feb. 5th (Friday) and Feb. 6th (Saturday)
      • Feb. 5th: Help set up everything for the festival
      • Feb. 6th: Help out at the festival. 8-4 PM
        Serve hot beverages & drinks or be a demo coordinator for snowshoes.
    • Burlington Penguin Plunge: Feb. 6th
      • Help set up and break down the event.
        2 Shifts: 8-12 or 12-4.
  • Announcements:
    • 1) Google docs- new way of recording hours. Link will be e-mailed out. You can update and edit the hours accordingly. Remember we're working on the honor system. There will be a heading for each service, and you can enter the total # of hours you worked at that service yourself. Talk to Alison if you have any questions or are confused as to how it works!
    • 2) Requirement of 20 hours this semester. Will be spread across 4 areas of service:
      • Service to the Community - 10 hours
      • Service to the Fraternity - 3 hours
      • Service to the University - 5 hours
      • Service to the Nation - 2 hours
    • 3) There will be a repercussion for dropping out without 24 hours notice. This
      will work so that if you are signed up to do 3 hours of service, and you drop out outsideof the time frame, you will have those 3 hours tacked on to your semester total hour requirement.
  • Lottery Scratch Card - People scratch off amount to donate
    • Need 12 people to help
  • Weekly Fellowship
    • Brother Dinners on Sunday's after Meeting
      • Switch every other week between making dinner @ U Heights North Kitchen and Brennen's
    • Library on Monday from 7-9 on first floor
  • DC Delirium @ the Davis Center Friday night from 10pm-1am
    • Come for a night of making shutter shades, dancing, free food, games, and a whole bunch more
  • If you have any suggestions, please email Sarah
  • Next week there will be order forms for APO apparel available. The week after, order forms will be due.
  • Email or Text Annice if you can not make it to a meeting
  • Congratulations to Brother of the Week Katie Bloore!
  • E-Board Meetings @ 8:30pm Monday
    • This week meet @ club space
  • Wear APO Shirts on Wednesdays