Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minutes 12/6

Hey all,

Here are the minutes from tonight's meeting!

Initiation was tonight-Congrats to the new brothers! :)
Elections were also held tonight:
President, Mac
SVP, Alison M.
FVP, Sarah
MVP, Annice
Pledge master, Kayla
Secretary, Meagan
Historian, MJ
Webmaster, Katy M.

*Chair positions will be determined at the LATEST by the first eboard meeting next semester

-Ben & Jerry's Tour--Friday, Dec. 11
-Dec. 15-->tye dye, 7 PM, location TBD

-Naked Bike Ride: trainings are on Monday (Marsh Life) & Tuesday (Sugar Maple Ballroom); both are at 7 PM, you only need to attend one
-Still need volunteers for Barnes & Noble gift wrapping on Tuesday!
-20 hours are due by Wednesday, e-mail Kayla by 9 AM on Thursday so she can send out the final tally!

Pledge master:
-Scrapbooks: talk to Annice if you didn't turn them in today; she will have them back to you by the 13th
-Congrats to new brothers!

-Elected people-->come to eboard meeting on Tuesday @ 7 PM in Spruce Room (4th floor DC)
-The decisions for chair have to be made before the first eboard meeting next semester
-Regionals: Dec. 27th-30th in NJ, if interested, the decision has to be made by TOMORROW!

Good luck during finals! And have a great winter break, if I don't see you!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Minutes 11/22

Hey all, here are the minutes from tonight's meeting:

-Description of positions
-Additional opportunities: webmaster, conclave chair, alumni & adviser chair, events chair, fund raising chair

-Talk about services:
~pledge service: made 4 blankets
~Planned Parenthood: stuffed envelopes
~Teen Center in Winooski: gender roles discussion
-e-mail outside hours to Kayla before Monday for an accurate update
-sign up for Naked Bike Ride on the lynx
-COTS phone-a-thon
-Americorp Vista-->help a Burlington man get rid of some things-->TBD-->talk to Kayla if interested
-Blood Drive on Tuesday, 12-5:30
-December 7 & 8->gift wrapping fund raiser @ Barnes & Noble--> you must commit if you are interested
-Toy Drive flyers-->in office; Monday after break pick some up & post in your Res hall
~Campus flyering-->Sunday or Monday night
~Sunday after we get back: Toy box in front of Church Street Mall from 9-4
~Need somebody to check on the box between 4-6 every afternoon
~Meagan reached her service hour goal!

-Tye dye fellowship TBA
-Ben & Jerry's tour-->Friday Dec. 11, 3 PM, need drivers!

Pledge master:
-Don't lose pledge pins!
-All the pledges passed the test!
-Pledge of the week: MJ

-Brother of the week: Annice

Pledge fund raiser:
-Can & Bottle Drive-->week after Thanksgiving; collecting from Nov. 30-Dec. 6; post flyers & save your bottles; contact Hannah Paul, Alison Treadway or Katie Hughes if you have questions

-New England College-->if it's before induction, pledges can't attend; we are still waiting to hear a date

-President: Mac, Annice
-SVP: Kayla, Alison M., Sarah
-FVP: Kayla, Sarah, Booker, Rachel
-MVP: Katie B., Annice, Kayla, Lauren, Alison M., Ariel
-Pledge master: Annice, Sarah, Rachel, Alison M., Kayla, Meagan
-Secretary: Meagan, Michelle L., Lauren, Alison M., Rebecca, MJ, Rachel
-Historian: MJ, Rachel, Meagan, Booker, Kayla, (Katy T.), Katie H.
-Webmaster: Katy M., Lauren, (Mike W.)
-Alumni & Adviser Chair: Ariel, Lauren, Mac, Alison M., Sarah, (Charles), (Ted), (Katy T.), (Alison S.)
-Events Chair: (Sydney), Sarah, Kayla, Alison M., MJ, Lauren, Katie B., Ariel, Meagan
-Fund raising Chair: Katie H., Alison T., Ariel, Booker, (Charles), Kayla, Sarah, (Katy T.), (Danielle)
-Conclave chair: Kayla, Sarah, Annice, Rachel, (Katy T.), (Mike W.), (Sydney), Alison T.

*Also, a vote was taken on whether we should host a conclave in Spring 2011; 15 people voted yes

That's all I have for now!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Break!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Minutes 11/15

Hey all-here are the minutes,

Pledge master:
-Final test Wednesday or Sunday. if you can't take it either of these days, contact Annice
-Pledge Service, Friday @ 6 PM, meet outside the club space
-Lauren is making a video for a project & needs people to be in it!, e-mail her (or Annice) if you are interested!
-Pledge fellowship: very fun! Pledges won!
-Try to make it to pledge events
-Pledge of the week: Rachel

-Library, 7-9 PM
-Wednesday, Pub Quiz, 9 PM, Brennan's
-Saturday, cooking @ Sarah, Allison, & Melissa's apartment, 7 PM! Sarah will send an e-mail with more details later in the week!
-Tours of Ben & Jerry's/Teddy Bear factory, sign up for what you're interested in doing!

-Scrapbook in progress!
-Last minute pictures?-->e-mail them to Alyssa or post them on facebook & let her know!

-Making flyers for Toy Drive! Put them up in dorms!
-Wednesday, Nov. 18, Planned Parenthood, 6-8:30 PM
-Tuesday-Thursday (December 8-10), Planned Parenthood, Phone-a-thon
-November 30-December 9, COTs; 11/30-12/3 & 12/7-12/9, 5:30-9 PM
-Naked Bike Ride-->sign up on lynx if interested!
-VT Refugee Resettlement Program
-Prevent Child Abuse Vermont
^if interested in volunteering for either of these, contact Kayla!

-If you want to make more flyers, here is the information they must have: November 30-December 6, all toys going to Vermont Children's Hospitals, stuffed animals must be new, APO

-Pledge fundraiser, money-->talk to Melissa
-Van Certification (Nov. 30th or Dec. 2nd)

-Melissa & Katy working on website
-Next week-->nominations, take a look at your schedules & decide if you have enough time to dedicate to a position
-Elections on December 6th
-Slight change in bylaws
-Brother of the week: Booker

That's all,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Minutes 11/8

Hey everyone,
Here are the minutes from last meeting:

-Will have can & bottle tally for next meeting
-We made $6 on Friday!
-If you haven't given Kayla the can & bottle money, by tomorrow (yesterday!)
-If you commit to an activity, try to stay committed.
-Vermont resettlement (2-3 times/month)
-Planned Parenthood:
~mail night 6-8:30, Wednesday, Nov. 18
~T/W/R Dec 8, 9, 10, 6:30-8:30 telephoning
-Safe Streets VT: Tuesday, 11:30-1:30, meet at police station, help kids cross street
-ASB applications due by Wednesday (Nov. 12)
-Monday: make cards for Veteran's in library 6-7 PM (or you can drop off in office until Tuesday at 11)
-Toy Drive: Sunday, Dec. 6, box in front of Church St. mall-->we will be making flyers next meeting

-No dance
-Thursday (Nov. 12) is the last day to send Alyssa photos (she especially wants some pictures from the Good Deeds Race)

Pledge of the Week: Meagan
Brother of the Week: Allison

-Good Deeds Race extremely successful!
-Library night (7-9) Monday
-Pub Quiz (Wednesday, 9 PM, Brennan's)
-Bingo-->Saturday Night
-Pledge Fellowship: Dodgeball! Sunday, meet in gym lobby @ 1 PM

-Risk management policy finalized-->sign before you leave
-Copy of bylaws in the office
~If you have questions about either the risk management policy or the bylaws, ask Mac
-Everyone on the lynx?-->documents & meetings are now up on the lynx

That's it for now!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Minutes 11/1

Hey all, here are the minutes from last meeting.

-possible webmaster for next semester
-if you are interested in conclave committee or fund raising committee talk to Melissa
-service pins have been ordered

Pledge master:
-the families will be posted on the blog
-officer e-mails will be posted on the blog so you know who to contact
-Pledge fellowship: dodgeball-->Nov. 15

-Will be taking pictures for family tree & spreadsheet
-Dance issues (room problems)
-After Halloween clean up (success!)

-we made flyers at the meeting for the bottle & can drive
-Tuesday: Campus Clean Up
-Wednesday: make recyclable/compostable accessories
-Thursday: Intervale Conservation Nursery
-Friday: Tabling & campus clean up
-Dates TBD: Toy Drive
-Alternative Spring Break applications are due Nov. 11 if anyone is interested in that opportunity
-if you put up flyers/are in charge of can collection in your building, you can get another service hour

-Monday 7-9 (Library!)
-Wednesday: Disney movie night
-Saturday: Big/Little Race-->12-3
-Montreal retreat has been moved to second semester
-if you would be interested in being part of a retreats & events committee, talk to Sarah
-Brother/Pledge of the week; Brother: Melissa; Pledge: Michelle
-Summary of conclave

-we will be looking into advisers for next semester-->school & scouting advisers
-LEADS-->put to a vote-->yes
-Risk Management Policy-->if you had changes, leave in office or e-mail Mac
-Lynx-->sign up if you haven't already
-Next meeting-->we will talk a bout nominations

That's it for now.

I hope everyone had a great week,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Minutes 10/18

Hey everyone, here are the minutes from Sunday:

-Kayla awarded lifetime membership! (YAY!)

-Mac read risk management policy

-Montreal, two possible dates, we will pick one
-Meet for conclave, drivers @ 4:15; everyone else @ 4:30 (Melissa will send a more detailed e-mail about conclave later this week)

-E-mail is
-E-mail Kayla for any outside services you do
-Ronald McDonald House loved the pies!
-Still need moose people
-To work at haunted forest, sign up at
-Charles: service, Tuesdays from 3:30-5 at Children's center, e-mail him at
-NSW is 1-7 of November:
~Monday: Bottle Drive
~Wednesday: Compost, clean up
~Thursday: Intervale conservation nursery
~Friday: table
~use money from bottle drive to buy trees in rain forest

Pledge master:
-Will e-mail pledges

-Everyone join lynx
-Risk management should be done after conclave...look forward to bylaws!

-Fundraising committee look out for e-mail
-Needs themes

-If you cannot come to a meeting, e-mail Dan at

That's it for now! Thanks to Alyssa for taking these notes!

Hope you all are having a great week!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Minutes 10/11

Hey all,

Here are the minutes from last meeting:

-Apple Pie making (happened on Monday) There was a great turnout & it was really fun!
-Saturday, Pumpkin Carving for Haunted Forest, 10-4(2?) in Williston. MEET @ 10 @ Davis Center circle!
~Drivers selected-->talk to Kayla if you have questions
-Pets helping people, there was enough interest where we could probably get our own day; What day works for people? November 7th. or after Thanksgiving Break.
-First week of November-->service week; theme: go green; ideas: pick up trash around campus, plot in rain forest, any other thoughts, let Kayla know!

-Dance-->Friday, Nov. 13

-Pumpkin Carving also a fellowship (Sat.)

-How early can you leave for conclave?

-sign in sheet

Pledge master:
-Intro of members/pledges

That's all!

Hope everyone is well!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey everyone!

Here are the minutes from 10/4:

-Fund raising committee, if you're still interested, sign up!
-if you have APO photos, e-mail Alyssa (

-If a service is organized by APO, the supervisor will tell Kayla who was there; if you do independent service, e-mail Kayla!!! (

~Pumpkin Regatta & Festival->Burlington Waterfront, specific times TBA, Sunday, October 11; they need help with: arts & crafts zone, raffle ticket sales, pie eating & pet costume contest judges/registration, floaters, greeters, LLL pie/coffee sales & pumpkin loaders. FOR MORE INFORMATION:

-Music with the Salvation Army: teach low income students how to make music (and/or dance) after school 3-5 PM & 1 Saturday/month
-Pets Helping People: carpool to Northern Grey Hound Adoptions in St. Albans; walk a dog to spend time at a local nursing home. Saturday or Sunday, early afternoons for a couple of hours
-Soda can tabs: to donate to the Shriner's Hospital. 50 tabs=1 hour; up to 5 of your required service hours
-Donate blood: each time you donate=1 hour

-If you're looking for index cards with contact info, they are hanging up on the wall in the office space

-Pop Quiz, Hangover, & Library Night (Great success!)
-Library (Monday)
-Apple picking, Friday(?), need drivers!

-No vans for conclave (driver volunteers?)

-New MVP needed, Dan nominated, brothers voted, Dan is the new MVP

That's all for now!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Minutes 9/27

Hey all,

Here are the minutes from Sunday:

-Do we want to sponsor New England College in Henniker, NH (outside of Concord)? Be their 'big brother' college? Vote--> yes!

-Dues--get them to Melissa!!!!
-Conclave-->She needs to know now!

-Fund raising committee-->sign up if you are interested!

-Wednesday (Sept. 30), Brennan's, 9 PM, Quiz Night!
-Saturday (Oct. 3), Billings, 8 PM, The Hangover!

-Competition! Whoever has the most service hours will win a delightful prize!
-Monday, Oct. 12, 7-9 PM
~Baking Apple Pies for the Ronald McDonald House
~7-9 PM, on campus (exact location TBA)
~Baking apple pies to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Burlington

-Other services mentioned, Dates TBD:
~Gleaning at the Intervale: help harvest surplus or otherwise unused veggies to be donated to worthy causes around Burlington-->Every Tuesday & Thursday from 12 PM-3 PM; meet at the picnic tables by the composting facility in the Intervale a little before noon; no notice necessary

~Intervale Conservation Nursery: support a non-profit that raises native tree species for Vermont conservation efforts; opportunities: seed collecting, planting, watering, weeding, & greenhouse maintenance; volunteer times are flexible

~DISMAS Dinner: cook dinner for the local halfway house downtown; time commitment is usually about 4 PM-8 PM on a week day; let Kayla know what days you are available during that time

~Haunted Forest: if you are interested in a volunteer opportunity besides pumpkin carving you need to fill out a form online; ; Let Kayla know what days you are signed up for possible carpools.

~CVAA: if you are interested in doing one-on-one time with a senior citizen, you need to call Bev at 1-800-642-5119 to set up an interview. Let Kayla know if you do & if you have any questions.

~Walk for Memory is THIS SATURDAY, Saturday, October 3
~You can still sign up for services presented last week!

Pledge Master:
-Yay for being official pledges!
-Pledge meetings: Sundays @ 5, Wednesdays @ 7 (either/or not both!)
-Wear pledge pin at all times (except for times noted in the meeting)
-Offical Big/Little Brothers (You also should have gotten an e-mail from Annice clarifying your little/big!)

That is it for now!

Hope you are all having a great week!


Monday, September 28, 2009

pledge meeting wednesday

Meet outside the SGA Club Space on the third floor of the Davis Center. We don't have a room yet.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Minutes 9/20 Meeting

Hey all,

Here are the minutes from last week's meeting:

-Intro of eboard members

-service captains
-contact cards (can be found in APO office)
-sign up sheets
-services you're interested in (?)

*all the services mentioned at the meeting are posted on this blog & were also sent out by Kayla in an e-mail

-every Monday-->study night, 7-9 in the library
-Saturday (picnic by waterfront-->grassy area behind swings) If you're going to the Red Ribbon Rally, you will be leaving from there to go to the picnic) Sarah also sent out an e-mail with her contact information if you have any further questions
-Wednesday & Saturdays will mostly be the fellowship days (there is a calendar in the club space)

-kick start to service
-attendance (1 unexcused absence, 2 excused, but you must let us know by 2 PM)

Pledge master:
-New members-->listserv
-Pledge meetings Sundays @ 5 or Wednesday @7 (go to one, but not both)
-Bring planner to meetings!
-Dress nicely on Sunday! (EVERYONE!!!!!)

*Current brothers need to be there at 5:30 to set up!!!

That's all for now.

I hope you all had a great week!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Services Announced 09/20


Mon Sept 21:

Safe Streets- help make Burlington’s streets safer

>>Local Motion is working with the UVM police department, the Burlington police department, and other members of the Safe Streets Collaborative to conduct another "intersection action" on September 21 -- this time on the UVM campus! We need volunteers to help us work with police to educate pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists about what we can all do to improve safety on Burlington's streets and sidewalks. No prior experience is necessary -- all participants will receive a brief orientation before we head out to our site along Main Street on campus.<<

Meet at UVM police headquarters at 284 East Ave

11.30-12 orientation, 12-1.30 on the streets

Fri Sept 25:

Community Works Day of Service Action!

UVM sponsored Service Day.

1-4pm. Meet in the Livak Ballroom (Davis Center) for free pizza & service assignments then service from about 2-4.30

Sat Sept 26:

Superb Health 5k- a benefit for VT Special Olympics

Montpelier State House Lawn, exact time TBA

Things you could do: timer, time scorekeeper, traffic control, t-shirt handout, food control, clean-up/set-up

You get a cool organic cotton t-shirt & food; application form is at

Red Ribbon Rally- wear red & take a group photo in the shape of a ribbon to raise AIDS awareness. Bring 10$ to donate (please, but not necessary) and meet on Redstone Green at noon.

Sat Oct 3:

Walk for Memory- VT Alzheimer’s Associaton hosts annual walk on Burlington’s waterfront. Volunteer to help run family-friendly activities, checking-in, be a clown, run kids’ games, and even just participate.

Sat Oct 17:

Haunted Forest- Pumpkin Carving 10am-4pm.


Haunted Forest: Days run from Oct 3-Nov 14; Show Dates Oct. 22-25 & 29-31. Volunteer Opportunities include set up days, pumpkin carving days, character, guide, make-up/costuming, food relief, food concession, line management, tech crew/runners, parking, & set strike.

Be a Moose! “Monty” VT Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen- Attends community events for kids & families 2-3 times a month, often weekends for about 1-2 hours. 5’2”-5’10”

CVVA- (Champlain Valley Agency on Aging) tons of opportunities to help out retired folks, including deliver meals on wheels, provide companionship, help with daily household tasks, administration tasks, fundraising events, community meals, special events.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Meetings start this week!!

Come to One:
Wed. at 7 (meet on third floor of D.C. by club space)
Sunday at 5 (Jost Foundation Room)

Sunday the 27th is initiation!! Dress nicely (no jeans please, or else dark jeans and a nice top if you have nothing else)

Bring Dues to the meeting you come to! $70.00 In Check (to Alpha Phi Omega) or Cash

Bring planners, piece of paper, and writing utensil!

Fellowship Tonight

Study Night in the Library tonight!
7 to 9pm, come when you can.
First floor tables.
Pledges are welcome!

See you there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meeting 9/13/09

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone's week is going well.
Before I type up the minutes, I'm going to start with a few things Mac wanted to mention:

1. On Sunday, September 27th from 11 AM- 1 PM there are some SGA Workshops that a few members need to attend. If you want more information, please e-mail me ( and I will forward the e-mail to you. If you are willing/able to go, e-mail Mac.

2. If anyone is interested in becoming van certified (it would be really helpful for us when we need transportation to services, events, etc.), I have the necessary steps & information you need. E-mail me if you would like the dates & links!

On to minutes:

Introduction of members...

-Schedules (e-mail Michelle,
-Superb Health 5K (Saturday, Sept. 26)
-Past services you liked
-Future services you would like to do

-Study night every week
-Broom ball team (next semester)
-Weekly & monthly events

-Dues--> Bring $5-7 for next meeting
-SGA Workshops-->September 27th

Pledge Master:
-Rush Week events (on blog)
-Thursday pizza
-Wear letters to events!
-Fliers going out tomorrow! (actually, yesterday as I type this!)
Initiation-->September 27th
Induction-->December 6th

-Brother T-shirts-->yes
-Historian: Alyssa elected

That is it for now!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Meeting!

Hey kids,

Just a reminder that our first meeting for current brothers is TODAY!

Today as in Sunday.
6 PM in the Jost Foundation Room!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

See you tonight,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey Guys!

So rush is September 14 to the 18th this semester. We are looking to add lots of new members so come out to events and bring your friends who are interested. The more people we have at each event, the better since prospective members will see our dedication and a more representative sample of APO! You don't need to attend for the whole time so if you can only make it for part of the time come anyway!

Here are our rush events:

September 14th:
Ice Cream Social
5 to 7 pm
Meet in Fireplace Lounge in L/L Commons

September 15th:
Meet and Greet
5 to 7 pm
Chittenden Bank Room (D.C. fourth floor)

September 16th:
Writing Letters to Veterans and Cookies
7 to 8:30 pm
Fireplace Lounge in L/L Commons

September 17th:
Pizza Dinner
5:30 to 7:30 pm
Meet on CBWC Green by volleyball court

September 18th:
Games and Info Session
6 pm
Jost Foundation Room (D.C. Fourth Floor)

Email me if you have any questions.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

meeting on 26th april

hello everyone :) isn't the weather lovely and isn't it so exciting that the last day of classes is tomorrow !!!! it feels like this semester has flown by its so strange!

so from our meeting on sunday we discussed:
CCPC etc..... will be Sunday 3rd May, 11.30 am location to be confirmed but in the Davis Centre.

Service: someone will need to collect the books donated to Burlington College each day next week during book buy back and take them to the APO office space when the bookstore closes. Ted should have more information soon to sign up with.

Tres: any fundraising money from Relay can be given to Charles ASAP. Pledges, if you haven't paid your dues either, those should be in ASAP!

Membership: we have brother names for our lovely new brothers (no longer pledges!)
Sarah, brother mana; alison, brother gladiator; melissa, brother scout and aylssa, brother sparkles. Welcome to APO and hope you enjoy yourselves!

Fellowship: will be this Sunday after our morning meeting for lunch. Sydney will let us know where we are heading but i think suggestions are welcome. Natalie will be graduating and I will be going home so make sure you all come and say bye :(

New biz: Kayla brought up the idea of helping with freshman move in, in august/ september. once she gets details in the summer i think she'll let everyone know. if your interested but still unsure let her know anyway. get our name out there nice and early :)

Just as a recap of our lovely new officer positions, these guys will all be inducted on Sunday:
President, Mac
Service VP, Kayla
Membership VP, Sydney
Pledgemaster, Annice
Fellowship VP, Sarah
Treasurer, Melissa
Secretary, Michelle
Historian, Charles
Good luck to everyone next semester in these positions and I hope all goes well for you and have fun :)

On a personal note I just wanted to say Iv'e had a great year here at UVM and I thank you guys for being part of that and making me welcome to APO. I'll miss you all but keep me updated on whats going on, I am of course always on Facebook! Good luck with the rest of your finals and have a really fun and well deserved summer break :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Meeting 4/19

Dates to Remember:
Saturday, April 25th is Relay for Life; keep fundraising!
Sunday, April 26th is the Induction ceremony and E-Board elections
Sunday, May 3rd is CPPC (or whatever the letters are) from 11:30 to 1:30

Official Business

Nominations: Below is the list of currently nominated Brothers and Pledges, remember you can nominate yourself or someone else next week at elections as well. Remember that a brief speech on why you would be good at the position is required.

President: Mac
Service VP: Annice, Kayla, Sydney
Membership VP: Michelle, Melissa, Sydney, Mike
Pledgemaster: Annice, Mac, Kayla, Sarah, Sydney
Fellowship VP: Sarah, Alyssa, Kayla
Treasurer: Melissa, Charles, Katie, Sydney, Mike
Secretary: Alyssa, Michelle, Alison, Annice, Sarah

Next, there was a motion to add the semester position of Historian to the E-Board. It was voted on and passed unanimously.

Nominated for Historian: Charles, Sydney, Mike, Alyssa, Katie, Annice

MVP: The APO clothing order is in, you'll get it at next week's meeting.

FVP: Fellowship this week is at Relay for Life.

Pledgemaster: For Induction next week:
-Everyone, dress nicely
-Pledges, meet in the Atrium at 5:30, bring your sleeping masks and sneakers
-Brothers, wear your service pins and you know where to meet at 5:30

Treasurer: If you have any donations for Relay that are in cash, give the money to Charles.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Conclave info

I sent an email out last night that I hope everyone got, I thought I'd post the basics up here too incase you need another reminder!
This is just about Conclave;
leaving this Friday 27th March at 4.30pm from the bookstore in the Davis Center - again if you've any problems with this let us know asap!!
you'll need comfy normal clothes for saturday, we'll be doing workshops or something and some kind of serivce- details aren't any better than that sorry
ssaturday night, some kind of semi -formal wear OR you can dress to the theme of 'rock and roll' its up to you but i'm sure we'll all look jazzy enough!
sunday we will just be driving back so you can wear your PJs if you fancy!
It should be a fun weekend so hopefully everyone is excited?! If you have any CDs or ipod and adapter thingys feel free to bring those also. Brush up on the toast song too- if you've forgotten follow the link to the national page at the side of this page and it has it under 'about us' i think.

How does everyone like the blog so far? colours pretty enough/ easy enough to read?
Feel free to post and chat away this isn't just for me to update you on what's going on but for everyone to keep in touch and whatever throughout the week. Any pictures from services or fellowships feel free to post or send them my way and i'll try and figure it out!
Have a great week and see you soon :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Blog Lives!

I'm finally going to turn the blog over to Catherine, as I've been meaning to for the past couple of weeks (I'm dreadfully forgetful sometimes). Catherine, do what you will!