Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

Note: Next Sunday Meeting Changed to 5:30 pm!!!!!

: End of the Semester Banquet on Saturday, May 8th
  • Sign Up for Committee to help out with food, decorations, etc.
  • Email Katie Bloore if interested!!!!
Relay For Life: Saturday April 24th-25th from 6pm-5am (Service to the Nation)
  • Join by going online at
    • Team: Alpha Phi Omega
  • $10 Registration Fee Pay online
    • See Kayla if you would rather pay by check or cash
  • If you raise $100 by March 26th Get a Free T-Shirt
  • Tableing @ Relay for Life (Service to the Fraternity) - See Kayla
  • This Week:
    • WEDNESDAY (February 24th) - Service to the Fraternity
      • Making the Bylaws Gender Neural before PubQuiz @ 6pm
      • Email Mac if interested!
    • SATURDAY (February 27th) - Mardi Gras Parade Crowd Patrol
      • Meet @ City Hall (On Church Street) by 2pm
    • Knitting for Special Olympics - See Alison (Due by March 1st)
  • Next Week:
    • MONDAY and TUESDAY (March 1st and 2nd)
      • Phone-a-Thon from 5:30-8:30 pm on Winooski Ave.
        • Need 5 people for each shift
        • Free Food!!!!
    • THURSDAY (March 4th)
      • Pledge Drive from 7:30-11:30 in Essex
        • Need 5 people
        • Need Drivers
        • Training Involved
  • Ongoing:
    • Operation Military Kids Committee
      • Making hero packs for children with deplyed partend
      • Calling for donations
      • Write Letters to Children
      • Goal: Make 5 packs
      • There will be a couple meetings throughout the semester
  • Hours:
    • Must do @ least 1 service in each of the 4 categories (Fraternity, University, Community, and Nation)
    • 10 hours must be through APO
  • WEDNESDAY - Pub Quiz @ 9pm
    • Israel Band Hadag Nachash
    • Free Concert @ 8pm in the Grand Maple Ballroom (4th Floor of the DC)
  • SUNDAY (February 28th) - Vagina Monologues @ 7pm
    • $10 for tickets
    • Support Sarah and Michelle!!!!
  • Now on the Lynx - Proposed Revisions
    • Answer your question and bring it to the next meeting
    • Voting next Sunday (Feb. 28th) to Accept new Bylaws
    • Service to Fraternity on Wednesday Night to make Bylayws and Risk Management Policy Gender Neutral @ 6pm
Family Tree
  • Look out for an Email from MJ
    • Wear Black on Sunday Meeting for Head Shot Picture on the day assigned for your family
  • Brother of the Week: Congrats Mac for all the time put into the Bylaws!!
  • Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!!
  • Meeting in Rosa Parks room on Thursday @ 7:45
  • Big/Little Requests were due Today

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