Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 24 Meeting Notes

Hey Everybody!

This is going to be kinda long because there was a lot of info covered at Sunday's meeting.

Bobby, our section chair attended our meeting.

Sydney (MVP)- Katie B.'s Birthday (Oct. 26th)!
  • Office hours will be posted soon
  • E-Board meetings @ 8:00pm every Thursday
Claire (Pledge Master)- "Pledge of the Week": Danielle

URGENT NEED FOR 3 VOLUNTEERS: Fri. "Haunted Halloween Bash" 5:30-10 in Shelburne (Contact Meagan if you are interested)

From Meagan:
"they will get pizza and get to be part of a great event helping families of parent's that have cancer. It should be a fun event and they will get to be part of a haunted house"!
  • Thurs. 2-4@ McCauley Square Senior Housing: playing games with seniors
  • Thurs/Fri 5-5:30 @ Pearl House on Colchester Ave: "Have a Heart" giving out candy to neighborhood kids
  • Sat. 5:30-10 @ Leddy Park: "Freaky Fairytale"
  • Nov. 7th 7:00am-11:00am@ Shelburne: Volunteering at a half-marathon. Must sign up online: http://racevermont.volunteerlocal.com/
  • Nov. 13th 6-8:30 @ Echo Center: "Dr. Lewis's First Duck Race" (8-10 people needed; please dress in black bottoms/white top)
  • Contact Meagan of you're interested in volunteering for "Fright Night" to be a watchman (Suggested by Danielle)
Katie B. (FVP)- Fellowships
  • Wed- Pub Quiz 9:00pm @ Brennan's
  • Dates to remember: CAPS TBD; Nov. 14th- Nominations; Dec. 5th- Elections (Must be present to be elected)
  • Pete will be working on our UVM website (uvm.edu/aphio); he's looking for underclassmen to help. Also, if people have suggestions!
  • Conclave went really well. Everyone seemed to have fun and learn a lot. We tried hard to promote our upcoming Conclave here at UVM this spring. We even won two awards - roll call and man mile.
  • If anyone is interested in attending Leadership Day for Section 94, let me know ASAP. It is on November 6 at St. A's in New Hampshire. It starts at 9 am and goes until about 3 pm. It is completely free with lunch being provided. If you have a vehicle and would be willing to drive, that'd be awesome. If we get a car together by this weekend we can try to get gas money. Leadership day is run similar to the Saturday part of Conclave, with workshops and discussions throughout the day on various topics. If you intend to run for a position, especially one of the higher positions, this would be incredibly useful and valuable to go to.
  • As mentioned at the meeting on Sunday, if anyone is interested in being the second voting delegate from our chapter at Nationals in Atlanta from December 27 to 30, let me know. Early registration deadline is November 8th. Nationals is a great opportunity to connect with brothers from around the country, and this is the convention that decides changes to National bylaws and other National documents.
  • Our Conclave twitter is : uvmconclave2011. Check it out! Updates will be posted on there when they occur.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oct. 3 Meeting

Sunday's meeting started off with a speed-dating get to know you game with brothers and pledges. It was great to get some one-on-one time with new people.

Brother of the Week: Alyssa Kaliszewski

-Saturday Oct. 9 Walk With Me, Redstone Green 9am-12pm
-Sunday Oct. 10 Ronald McDonald House Halloween Howl Fun Run at the bike path by the water front, 7:30-11am; Meet in front of the Davis Center at 7 to walk down together
-Sunday Oct. 10 Giant Pumpkin Regatta Pumpkin Festival; Battery Park on Lake Champlain, 9am-4pm. Meet at 8:30 in front of the Davis Center to walk down.
-Sunday Oct. 10 350.org's Global Work Party; Meet at 9am on Waterman Green for a rally down to Battery Park.
-Friday Oct. 29 Monster Halloween Bash, Old Lantern in Charlotte 6-10pm
-Burlington Children's Space- Every Monday and Wednesday 4-5pm; Walk down with Charles from the Allen House at 3:30 sharp. Contact Charles with questions: cwinklem@uvm.edu

Meagan sent out an invite to Google docs to record service hours. Hopefully that method will prove more efficient and easy than the Lynx. If anyone is having problems or didn't get an invite, shoot Meagan an e-mail: maquinla@uvm.edu

If you would like to sign up for services, all the sign-up sheets are in the office.

Friday Oct. 8 Pick-up Football- 4pm at the soccer fields near the gym
Questions? E-mail Katie: kbloore@uvm.edu

Bigs and Littles!
Check the weekly e-mail for big/little assignments. Bigs, try and contact your littles ASAP!

Important Reminders:
-Next week's meeting will be held in Billings Lecture Hall.
-Be sure to let Syndey know if you will be missing a meeting. A lot of people were gone on Sunday.
-If pledges would like to join a committee for conclave shoot Annice an e-mail: asevett@uvm.edu. The committees are Banquet, Entertainment and Service, Registration and Marketing, Workshops, and Fundraising. For for info see the weekly e-mail or ask a brother.
-For people going to Conclave: Let Annice know when you are available to leave on Oct. 22.
-To see examples of roll call videos, like those performed at Conclave banquets, search APO NC on Youtube. There are no videos from this year yet, but there are ones from 2008.
-Again, join the Lynx if you haven't already. Go to www.uvm.edu/clubs, sign in with the same user ID as MyUVM, and search Alpha Phi Omega and request to join. Annice will approve you.