Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Minutes 10/18

Hey everyone, here are the minutes from Sunday:

-Kayla awarded lifetime membership! (YAY!)

-Mac read risk management policy

-Montreal, two possible dates, we will pick one
-Meet for conclave, drivers @ 4:15; everyone else @ 4:30 (Melissa will send a more detailed e-mail about conclave later this week)

-E-mail is kdecarr@uvm.edu
-E-mail Kayla for any outside services you do
-Ronald McDonald House loved the pies!
-Still need moose people
-To work at haunted forest, sign up at thehauntedforest.org
-Charles: service, Tuesdays from 3:30-5 at Children's center, e-mail him at cwinklem@uvm.edu
-NSW is 1-7 of November:
~Monday: Bottle Drive
~Wednesday: Compost, clean up
~Thursday: Intervale conservation nursery
~Friday: table
~use money from bottle drive to buy trees in rain forest

Pledge master:
-Will e-mail pledges

-Everyone join lynx
-Risk management should be done after conclave...look forward to bylaws!

-Fundraising committee look out for e-mail
-Needs themes

-If you cannot come to a meeting, e-mail Dan at dboles@uvm.edu

That's it for now! Thanks to Alyssa for taking these notes!

Hope you all are having a great week!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Minutes 10/11

Hey all,

Here are the minutes from last meeting:

-Apple Pie making (happened on Monday) There was a great turnout & it was really fun!
-Saturday, Pumpkin Carving for Haunted Forest, 10-4(2?) in Williston. MEET @ 10 @ Davis Center circle!
~Drivers selected-->talk to Kayla if you have questions
-Pets helping people, there was enough interest where we could probably get our own day; What day works for people? November 7th. or after Thanksgiving Break.
-First week of November-->service week; theme: go green; ideas: pick up trash around campus, plot in rain forest, any other thoughts, let Kayla know!

-Dance-->Friday, Nov. 13

-Pumpkin Carving also a fellowship (Sat.)

-How early can you leave for conclave?

-sign in sheet

Pledge master:
-Intro of members/pledges

That's all!

Hope everyone is well!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey everyone!

Here are the minutes from 10/4:

-Fund raising committee, if you're still interested, sign up!
-if you have APO photos, e-mail Alyssa (akalisze@uvm.edu)

-If a service is organized by APO, the supervisor will tell Kayla who was there; if you do independent service, e-mail Kayla!!! (kdecarr@uvm.edu)

~Pumpkin Regatta & Festival->Burlington Waterfront, specific times TBA, Sunday, October 11; they need help with: arts & crafts zone, raffle ticket sales, pie eating & pet costume contest judges/registration, floaters, greeters, LLL pie/coffee sales & pumpkin loaders. FOR MORE INFORMATION: linkinglearningtolife.org

-Music with the Salvation Army: teach low income students how to make music (and/or dance) after school 3-5 PM & 1 Saturday/month
-Pets Helping People: carpool to Northern Grey Hound Adoptions in St. Albans; walk a dog to spend time at a local nursing home. Saturday or Sunday, early afternoons for a couple of hours
-Soda can tabs: to donate to the Shriner's Hospital. 50 tabs=1 hour; up to 5 of your required service hours
-Donate blood: each time you donate=1 hour

-If you're looking for index cards with contact info, they are hanging up on the wall in the office space

-Pop Quiz, Hangover, & Library Night (Great success!)
-Library (Monday)
-Apple picking, Friday(?), need drivers!

-No vans for conclave (driver volunteers?)

-New MVP needed, Dan nominated, brothers voted, Dan is the new MVP

That's all for now!