Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21st, 2010

  • This Week:
    • WEDNESDAY (March 24th): Planned Parenthood Back-Up Your Birth Control - Hand out condoms
      • 11am - 2 pm on Church Street
  • Next Week and Coming Weeks:
    • March 30th - April 7th: Habitat for Humanity Phone-a-Thon
      • 6pm - 9pm @ Champlain College
  • Ongoing:
    • Every TUESDAYs and THURSDAYs: Burlington Children's Space from 4-5pm
    • Donate Blood = 1 hour of service
    • Collect 50 Soda Tabs = 1 hour
      • Maximum of 250 Soda Can Tabs for 5 hours of service
    • Operation Military Kids Committee - Meet with Alison
    • Relay for Life
      • Tabling on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-2pm @ Davis Center
        • Every Bag Sold = Donation goes toward our team
        • Talk to Kayla if you are interested
  • WEDNESDAY (March 24th): Pub Quiz Tournament @ 9pm in Brennan's
  • SATURDAY (March 27th): Flair Your Chair from 1-6pm in DC Atrium
  • Fellowship Suggestions? Email Sarah
  • Be at the Davis Center Circle @ 6:50pm on Friday to leave at 7pm (DON'T BE LATE!)
  • Eat dinner before leaving on Friday!
  • Bring Lunch for Saturday!!!!!
  • Wear UVM colors
  • Conclave Bid for Spring 2011
    • Any ideas for power point???? - Email Ariel or Annice
  • Lottery Booklets hand into Melissa when you are ready
  • Accepted and will go into action immediately
  • Be sure to wear black for the day your picture will be taken

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