Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Conclave info

I sent an email out last night that I hope everyone got, I thought I'd post the basics up here too incase you need another reminder!
This is just about Conclave;
leaving this Friday 27th March at 4.30pm from the bookstore in the Davis Center - again if you've any problems with this let us know asap!!
you'll need comfy normal clothes for saturday, we'll be doing workshops or something and some kind of serivce- details aren't any better than that sorry
ssaturday night, some kind of semi -formal wear OR you can dress to the theme of 'rock and roll' its up to you but i'm sure we'll all look jazzy enough!
sunday we will just be driving back so you can wear your PJs if you fancy!
It should be a fun weekend so hopefully everyone is excited?! If you have any CDs or ipod and adapter thingys feel free to bring those also. Brush up on the toast song too- if you've forgotten follow the link to the national page at the side of this page and it has it under 'about us' i think.

How does everyone like the blog so far? colours pretty enough/ easy enough to read?
Feel free to post and chat away this isn't just for me to update you on what's going on but for everyone to keep in touch and whatever throughout the week. Any pictures from services or fellowships feel free to post or send them my way and i'll try and figure it out!
Have a great week and see you soon :)