Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th, 2010

Welcome Back from Conclave!
Congratulations on the Winning the Bid for Conclave Spring 2011!
And Great job on winning 2 awards:
Man Mile and Pledge Mile!

  • This Week
    • TUESDAY (March 30th) , WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY (up to April 7th)
      • Habitat for Humanity Phone-a-thon from 6-9 pm at Champlain College
    • TUESDAY (March 30th) and NEXT TUESDAY (April 7th)
      • Interval Conservatory Spring Harvest
        • 9am or 12:30 pm (Full or Half Day)
        • Bring Snack or Lunch if working for the full day
      • Burlington Children's Space from 4-5pm
    • FRIDAY (April 2nd)
      • Burlington Children's Space from 4-5pm
  • Next Week
    • THURSDAY (April 8th)
      • Blood Drive - Support the UVM Nursing Students
    • SATURDAY (April 10th)
      • Zumbathon! from 8am-1pm
        • Controis Auditorium (City Hall) for Women helping Bater Women
      • Festive of Cultures from 8am-5pm in 2 hour ships
    • SUNDAY
      • Cold Conference anytime from 11am-4pm in 2 hour shifts or more
  • Ongoing
    • April 5th (Monday) - April 15th (Thursday)
      • 4H Photograph and Poster Judging
        • TBA - You decide!
    • Soda Can tabs - Collect up to 25o tabs (50 tabs = 1 hour)
    • Donate Blood = 1 hour
  • Talk to Alison if you have any service ideas
  • Having Trouble seeing your hours? Email Alison to get you set up!
  • This Week
    • WEDNESDAY (March 31st)
      • Free Matzah Ball Soup @ CBW Green starting at 11am
      • Pub Quiz in Brennan's @ 9pm
    • SUNDAY (April 4th)
      • Brother Dinner
  • Next Week
    • WEDNESDAY (April 7th)
      • UVM Skates fro $3 from 8:45pm-12am
      • Karaoke in Brennan's @ 9pm (No PubQuiz)
  • Look out from information on a Baking Fellowship for Bake sale Fundraising
  • Note: Fundraising = Service to the Fraternity!!!!
  • Bake Sale Next Week - There will be an email for more information later
  • 2 New Liaisons to our Chapter - Seeing them now a couple times a semester with Bobby
  • Nominations for SGA Club Awards due April 2nd (This FRIDAY)!!!
  • Brother of the Week - Ariel! Thank you for all the work on the conclave bid!
  • Passover Story and Matzha with Dub-town and Mac
    • Converse East Attic @ 8pm this Tuesday (March 30th)

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