Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

NOTE: Next week's meeting will be @ 2 pm because of the Super Bowl
  • This Week:
    • February 6th (Saturday)
      • 8-10:30 am : Snowshoe Festival
      • 12:30-3:00: Burlington Penguin Plunge - Break down event
        • Email Alison to fill out Volunteer form
  • Next Week:
    • February 8th (Monday)
      • 5:30-7:30 @ UHeights North Kitchen - Baking cookies for Good News Garage
    • February 13th (Saturday)
      • 4-9pm - Help deliver for Re-Sources (over by Recycle North)
    • February 16th (Sunday)
      • 8am - Whenever - Sunday Shuffle ~ Move around and Paint
  • On Going Services:
    • Burlington Children's Space - Every Tuesday and Friday from 3:30 - 5 pm
    • Interested in Wii Nights with Senior Citizens (Email Alison)
  • Emil Alison if you have any specific service you would like to do or an organization you would like to help
  • Google Docs - Any questions, ask Alison
  • February 5th (Friday) - Movie Night @ Sarah's House 7 pm
  • No Pub Quiz this week (Starting up Next Week)
  • After Next Sunday Meeting - Spaghetti Dinner at UHeights
Tutorial on the Lynx
  • Sign in to the Lynx to RSVP to events, services, and fellowships
Rush Week
  • Wear your letters to Rush events (especially the lunch on Friday)
  • Tabling this week (remember how Mac taught you how to go up to people and ask)
  • Try to come to as many Rush events as you can
  • Flyering - Try to do it by tonight or tomorrow morning
  • Pledge Ritual February 12th @ 5pm
  • March 26th - 28th @ UNH (about a 2 hour drive away)
  • Plan on leaving late on Friday
  • Sign - up if you can go by Feb 15th
  • APO Apparel - Decision and Money by Next Sunday Meeting
    • Website: (Go Check it Out!)
    • Email or Give Annice exactly what you want and write a check to her rounding up to the nearest dollar to pay for shipping
  • Want a Little this Semester? - Fill out Big/Little Form
  • Want to be Van Certified? Email Annice with any questions
  • Suggestion Box now in the APO office
  • Launch Coming to UVM
  • Little Brother Chapter plans to visit sometime in
  • Happy 21st Birthday to Mac!!!!!!!!!
  • Brother of the Week: Congratulations MJ!!!

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