Friday, January 28, 2011

January 23, 2011 Meeting

Hello All!

Welcome back. Hope everyone had a wonderful break!

Sarah- MVP
  • Brother Day of games & fun- February 12th around noon. Location TBA. Ashley, section 94 vice-chair will be there.
Amira- FVP

  • Pub Quiz- Wednesday @ 9:00
  • DC Delirium- Friday @ 10:00
Megan- President
  • Vote on SGA budget request. Total $14933.75. Voted to accept.
Claire- SVP
  • Jordan working on Google calendar with services for our APO website.
  • Service hours on Google Docs again
  • Service captains again this semester. Sign up with Claire to act as a primary contact person for a service.
  • From Claire: "Next meeting, the president of People Helping People, Alex Tuck, will be coming and giving a short presentation. This is a group started just a few years ago by a few young people and they aspire to get more young adults involved by making connections through college campuses. They could use our help advocating for them, educating the community/UVM students (about microlending + poverty), and possibly fundraising. These things could be started with something as easy as tabling in the DC. This would be a really great opportunity to build a relationship with a larger service organization. People Helping People is a microlending organization, providing interest-free loans to people with small businesses to help them work their way out of poverty (mostly in Nicaragua at this point.) There are even possibilities to go volunteer in Nicaragua! Just wanted to give you all a heads up about this so you can start thinking about if this is something we might want to get involved with".
  • Thursdays Ongoing- Games with Seniors @ Mcauley. 2:00-4:00. Located off of Mansfield Ave. Please contact Colin Hunt, 703-343-3950, if you have questions.
  • Thursdays or Wednesdays Ongoing- Men's Group in Shelburne (The Arbors, 687 Harbor Road, Shelburne). 12:00-1:00. Needs male volunteers to hang out with seniors. Please contact Colin Hunt, 703-343-3950, if you are interested in participating.
  • January 31st- Invasive Species Clean Up 8:00-5:00 @ Ethan Allen Homestead, Burlington.
  • February 5th- Special Olympics Penguin Plunge clean-up starts @ 11:00. Contact Claire by February 1st to sign up. MUST SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME.
  • February 5th- MLK Homecoming Party. 11:00-3:00. Need 3-4 People. *Ask Claire the location
  • February 6th- 8:00-1:00 MLK Yellow Ribbon event. Need 1 or 2 people for child care *Ask Claire the location
  • Alyssa C.S., Claire, and Amira setting up a weekly, ongoing service set up by our chapter. Setting up a service with kids. Need people to commit to help make this a success.
Julia- Pledge Master
  • Tabling from 1/31-2/4
  • Rush week 2/6-2/11
    • Monday- Lunch 1:00-3:00 @ DC (specific location TBA)
    • Tuesday- Hot Chocolate 7:00-9:00 @ Fireplace Lounge L&L
    • Wednesday- Pub Quiz 9:00 @ Brennan's
    • Thursday- Service, Valentines Cards for the Elderly 10:00-12:00 (Location TBA)
    • Friday- Q&A 4:00-5:00
  • Pledge meetings on Sunday before meetings