Sunday, November 15, 2009

Minutes 11/15

Hey all-here are the minutes,

Pledge master:
-Final test Wednesday or Sunday. if you can't take it either of these days, contact Annice
-Pledge Service, Friday @ 6 PM, meet outside the club space
-Lauren is making a video for a project & needs people to be in it!, e-mail her (or Annice) if you are interested!
-Pledge fellowship: very fun! Pledges won!
-Try to make it to pledge events
-Pledge of the week: Rachel

-Library, 7-9 PM
-Wednesday, Pub Quiz, 9 PM, Brennan's
-Saturday, cooking @ Sarah, Allison, & Melissa's apartment, 7 PM! Sarah will send an e-mail with more details later in the week!
-Tours of Ben & Jerry's/Teddy Bear factory, sign up for what you're interested in doing!

-Scrapbook in progress!
-Last minute pictures?-->e-mail them to Alyssa or post them on facebook & let her know!

-Making flyers for Toy Drive! Put them up in dorms!
-Wednesday, Nov. 18, Planned Parenthood, 6-8:30 PM
-Tuesday-Thursday (December 8-10), Planned Parenthood, Phone-a-thon
-November 30-December 9, COTs; 11/30-12/3 & 12/7-12/9, 5:30-9 PM
-Naked Bike Ride-->sign up on lynx if interested!
-VT Refugee Resettlement Program
-Prevent Child Abuse Vermont
^if interested in volunteering for either of these, contact Kayla!

-If you want to make more flyers, here is the information they must have: November 30-December 6, all toys going to Vermont Children's Hospitals, stuffed animals must be new, APO

-Pledge fundraiser, money-->talk to Melissa
-Van Certification (Nov. 30th or Dec. 2nd)

-Melissa & Katy working on website
-Next week-->nominations, take a look at your schedules & decide if you have enough time to dedicate to a position
-Elections on December 6th
-Slight change in bylaws
-Brother of the week: Booker

That's all,

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