Saturday, November 7, 2009

Minutes 11/1

Hey all, here are the minutes from last meeting.

-possible webmaster for next semester
-if you are interested in conclave committee or fund raising committee talk to Melissa
-service pins have been ordered

Pledge master:
-the families will be posted on the blog
-officer e-mails will be posted on the blog so you know who to contact
-Pledge fellowship: dodgeball-->Nov. 15

-Will be taking pictures for family tree & spreadsheet
-Dance issues (room problems)
-After Halloween clean up (success!)

-we made flyers at the meeting for the bottle & can drive
-Tuesday: Campus Clean Up
-Wednesday: make recyclable/compostable accessories
-Thursday: Intervale Conservation Nursery
-Friday: Tabling & campus clean up
-Dates TBD: Toy Drive
-Alternative Spring Break applications are due Nov. 11 if anyone is interested in that opportunity
-if you put up flyers/are in charge of can collection in your building, you can get another service hour

-Monday 7-9 (Library!)
-Wednesday: Disney movie night
-Saturday: Big/Little Race-->12-3
-Montreal retreat has been moved to second semester
-if you would be interested in being part of a retreats & events committee, talk to Sarah
-Brother/Pledge of the week; Brother: Melissa; Pledge: Michelle
-Summary of conclave

-we will be looking into advisers for next semester-->school & scouting advisers
-LEADS-->put to a vote-->yes
-Risk Management Policy-->if you had changes, leave in office or e-mail Mac
-Lynx-->sign up if you haven't already
-Next meeting-->we will talk a bout nominations

That's it for now.

I hope everyone had a great week,

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