Tuesday, April 28, 2009

meeting on 26th april

hello everyone :) isn't the weather lovely and isn't it so exciting that the last day of classes is tomorrow !!!! it feels like this semester has flown by its so strange!

so from our meeting on sunday we discussed:
CCPC etc..... will be Sunday 3rd May, 11.30 am location to be confirmed but in the Davis Centre.

Service: someone will need to collect the books donated to Burlington College each day next week during book buy back and take them to the APO office space when the bookstore closes. Ted should have more information soon to sign up with.

Tres: any fundraising money from Relay can be given to Charles ASAP. Pledges, if you haven't paid your dues either, those should be in ASAP!

Membership: we have brother names for our lovely new brothers (no longer pledges!)
Sarah, brother mana; alison, brother gladiator; melissa, brother scout and aylssa, brother sparkles. Welcome to APO and hope you enjoy yourselves!

Fellowship: will be this Sunday after our morning meeting for lunch. Sydney will let us know where we are heading but i think suggestions are welcome. Natalie will be graduating and I will be going home so make sure you all come and say bye :(

New biz: Kayla brought up the idea of helping with freshman move in, in august/ september. once she gets details in the summer i think she'll let everyone know. if your interested but still unsure let her know anyway. get our name out there nice and early :)

Just as a recap of our lovely new officer positions, these guys will all be inducted on Sunday:
President, Mac
Service VP, Kayla
Membership VP, Sydney
Pledgemaster, Annice
Fellowship VP, Sarah
Treasurer, Melissa
Secretary, Michelle
Historian, Charles
Good luck to everyone next semester in these positions and I hope all goes well for you and have fun :)

On a personal note I just wanted to say Iv'e had a great year here at UVM and I thank you guys for being part of that and making me welcome to APO. I'll miss you all but keep me updated on whats going on, I am of course always on Facebook! Good luck with the rest of your finals and have a really fun and well deserved summer break :)

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