Sunday, November 22, 2009

Minutes 11/22

Hey all, here are the minutes from tonight's meeting:

-Description of positions
-Additional opportunities: webmaster, conclave chair, alumni & adviser chair, events chair, fund raising chair

-Talk about services:
~pledge service: made 4 blankets
~Planned Parenthood: stuffed envelopes
~Teen Center in Winooski: gender roles discussion
-e-mail outside hours to Kayla before Monday for an accurate update
-sign up for Naked Bike Ride on the lynx
-COTS phone-a-thon
-Americorp Vista-->help a Burlington man get rid of some things-->TBD-->talk to Kayla if interested
-Blood Drive on Tuesday, 12-5:30
-December 7 & 8->gift wrapping fund raiser @ Barnes & Noble--> you must commit if you are interested
-Toy Drive flyers-->in office; Monday after break pick some up & post in your Res hall
~Campus flyering-->Sunday or Monday night
~Sunday after we get back: Toy box in front of Church Street Mall from 9-4
~Need somebody to check on the box between 4-6 every afternoon
~Meagan reached her service hour goal!

-Tye dye fellowship TBA
-Ben & Jerry's tour-->Friday Dec. 11, 3 PM, need drivers!

Pledge master:
-Don't lose pledge pins!
-All the pledges passed the test!
-Pledge of the week: MJ

-Brother of the week: Annice

Pledge fund raiser:
-Can & Bottle Drive-->week after Thanksgiving; collecting from Nov. 30-Dec. 6; post flyers & save your bottles; contact Hannah Paul, Alison Treadway or Katie Hughes if you have questions

-New England College-->if it's before induction, pledges can't attend; we are still waiting to hear a date

-President: Mac, Annice
-SVP: Kayla, Alison M., Sarah
-FVP: Kayla, Sarah, Booker, Rachel
-MVP: Katie B., Annice, Kayla, Lauren, Alison M., Ariel
-Pledge master: Annice, Sarah, Rachel, Alison M., Kayla, Meagan
-Secretary: Meagan, Michelle L., Lauren, Alison M., Rebecca, MJ, Rachel
-Historian: MJ, Rachel, Meagan, Booker, Kayla, (Katy T.), Katie H.
-Webmaster: Katy M., Lauren, (Mike W.)
-Alumni & Adviser Chair: Ariel, Lauren, Mac, Alison M., Sarah, (Charles), (Ted), (Katy T.), (Alison S.)
-Events Chair: (Sydney), Sarah, Kayla, Alison M., MJ, Lauren, Katie B., Ariel, Meagan
-Fund raising Chair: Katie H., Alison T., Ariel, Booker, (Charles), Kayla, Sarah, (Katy T.), (Danielle)
-Conclave chair: Kayla, Sarah, Annice, Rachel, (Katy T.), (Mike W.), (Sydney), Alison T.

*Also, a vote was taken on whether we should host a conclave in Spring 2011; 15 people voted yes

That's all I have for now!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Break!


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